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In between email binges and searching through tens of thousands of photos until my head starts to spin, I’ll break up the day with browsing the interweb for cool shit. It’s something I think anyone who works in an office 8 hours per day needs to do to stay sane.


One thing that sucks for us though is the failing of all the best blogs.



So I figured it’s time to regroup our bookmarks and get down with who’s still doing shit online these days.

  • jordysmith.com (marinelayerproductions horizontally has been consistently slamming up vids and pics for the world to see during surfing’s version of the offseason)
  • youngwisetails.com (These Coffin brothers are on their game right now. They’re motivated, interesting, and most importantly ripping the shit out of waves everywhere while documenting it all)
  • followthefish.tv (One of my personal favorite humans. Fish doesn’t post daily or sometimes even weekly but it’s worth checking from time to time cause when he does put something up, it’s quality web material. His three part series “Fish Makes Mistakes” is one of the all-time legendary stories ever told.)
  • tajburrow.com (A surprisingly active blogger. Not always great posts but for people who are Taj fans, and really who isn’t, it’s a nice check.)
  • marinelayerproductions.com (Although less frequent, still great. I doubt anyone forgot about this site.)
  • lostatlasmovie.com (An insiders preview of what you’ll be replaying dozens of times once Kai Neville makes his next amazing film)
  • pinchmysalt.tv (Sterling is a strange dude and most stuff is just filler but anyone who watched that Jeremy Flores rip job knows the potential he holds.)


Others that still are active, actually post some kind of content and are worth checking if you feel like it or are bored:


Anyone who has good sites or new sites to add can post in the comments. I’m sure office dudes around the world would be appreciative. —Jimmicane


Jimmicane is SURFING’s Associate Photo Editor, occasional contributor, an intimidating expert on all things surf-related, and a Jacksonville Jaguars fan. Follow him on Twitter @jimmicane.



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  • Eddie


  • You FORGOT…

    You forgot the WINNER of the SURFERMAG Battle of the Blogs….http://www.korduroy.tv/

    Apparently Surfing needs to update their bookmarks too!

  • loco moco

    i heard korduroy.tv has a shitload of content and still posts erryday

  • Shaun

    What no mention of claymarzo.com / Marzo Mania ?

  • dave


  • davo

    theseasponge.com is pretty sweet too.

  • ST.auggie

    good to see your busy at your job. you give us desk jockeys hope, maybe 1 day Ill get paid for lookin at porn, mean surfsites……

  • Shaun

    defintely agree on creativedestruction and korduroy

  • Jimmicane

    Creative Destruction is made by the guy at runamuk so anytime there’s a new one it would be on both. I’m not into longboards and wooden boards so I don’t really visit korduroy often but they have some good stuff on there occasionally. Clay Marzo’s site is good. I missed that one. Thanks for the heads up.

  • John

    You forgot about http://SURFBANG.com!

  • evan
  • timmy
  • jeff

    you also forgot about the GODFATHER of surf blogs…

    Surfy Surfy.

  • Adrien

    Videos, articles, best content from youtube vimeo and many blogs !

  • Nato

    One of the best built and connected websites I’ve found. It has surf reports for everywhere! Also tides and great pics. Hope you all enjoy it as much as I do.

  • Teek


  • Nick
  • jay

    Definitely some of the BEST surf videos are at http://www.waiikaii.com this website is AWESOME!! it’s updated everyday too!


    There’s the real link guys and girls!

  • Jason Miller

    Duly noted. http://www.velvetsea.tv, updated.


  • Danny


    east coast surf/news/party blog built by some young guys in the mid-atlantic. refreshingly different.

  • Drew Pangborn


    All the cool kids are doing it….

  • Drew Pangborn


    All the cool kids are doing it…

  • miy

    velvetsea.tv is pretty neat

    My favorite is WAii KAii http://www.waiikaii.com

    who needs tv?

  • 23 Chips

    Guaranteed to make your biceps 5 inches bigger and your unit 2 inches longer:


    (under development)

  • Dave

    Some surf photographers

    Morgan maassen http://www.bogustard.blogspot.com/

    Jaider Lozano http://www.jaiderlozano.com

    and my favourite Chris Burkard chrisburkard.blogspot.com

  • jesse


  • gnargnarskeetskeet
  • Old Mike

    if you guys are wondering what the surfing is in the Pearl of the Pacific… check this out


    Philippine island surfing!

  • allen laird

    check out meolalayerproductions.com Matt Meola and Albee Layer are the most innovative and funny surfers around. Home of the Flayer