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Sometimes Hail Marys work.

Sometimes Hail Marys work.

Cam may have lost, but this whole thing certainly put him on the map.

Cam may have lost, but this whole thing certainly put him on the map.

An endorsement for Cam. Dane later commented on his Instagram (now public, @sealtooth) to Cam, "how the fuck do you know jamie foxx? "

An endorsement for Cam. Dane later commented on his Instagram (now public, @sealtooth) to Cam, "how the fuck do you know jamie foxx? "

Socially awkward.

Socially awkward.


You Are Here, Nathan Myers

By Nathan Myers
Action photos by Duncan Macfarlane

It’s 12:17 am PST, and 17-year-old South Carolina surfer Cam Richards just lost the heat of his life to Dane Reynolds. Online.

Just 100 votes separated Dane and Cam in a surging online blitz that saw more than 7,000 votes on each side (by comparison, the other heats had about 1,500).

Cam Richards vs. Dane Reynolds. Who would have predicted such a mighty battle? And if that wasn’t weird enough, suddenly Jamie Foxx and Jaden Smith were getting involved with their #ivotedforcamdidyou hashtags. And then Brody Jenner and Kelly Slater were shouting out Dane Reynolds. And then EVERYBODY jumped in with posters and jokes and mockery and slander and all that other online goodness…

But the weirdest part wasn’t the celebrities and slander, but the fact Dane Reynolds himself got involved. The notoriously low-profile social networker started the day with less than 100 Instagram followers (@sealtooth) and by midnight had a cool 9,000. (A number sure to climb in days to follow.)

If nothing else, we owe Cam for that much. And Dane, welcome to the wonderfully twisted, awkward, anti-social world of social netwerking – we’ve been saving a seat for you, right here between Everyone and Everyonefuckingelse.

Poor Cam Richards is going to have a hell of a social networking hangover. And the rest of us — with the possible exception of Jamie Foxx, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air and Playboy’s Ms. October — are all wondering, who the hell is Cam Richards?


SURFING: What the hell was that all about? Are you hanging with Jaden Smith this very moment? Will you tell him what up for me?
CAM RICHARDS: I honestly don’t know. I guess they’re all just fans. I do know that if it wasn’t for Alex Midler, Jared Muscat, my brothers Cole and Kyle Heidt, none of this would have happened. I know they got some Playboy girls to do it. And pro skaters. Actually, don’t mention anyone ’cause there are just way too many people to thank, I don’t want to bum anyone out.


Now that it’s over, how are you feeling?
I’ve never had so many mixed emotions in one day. Going from crying to happiness. Yelling. Being mad. Then happy again. It was non stop. Either way, it was the most amazing day of my life. I never knew I had so many supporters.


Did it feel like you were in some sort of weird heat with Dane?
Dane is my favorite surfer. So, of course it was intense.


Maybe I’ve been living in the jungle for the last few years, but can you introduce me to yourself?
I’m 17, from Garden City, South Carolina, but I live in San Clemente now. I surf for Billabong, Arnette, FCS, Gorilla Grip, Watermans and WIW surfboards. I won NSSA Nationals in 2010, when I was 15. What else?
[Read more about Cam in the September Issue of SURFING’s “Threat” column.]


You think social media is important part of being a pro surfer in this day and age?
Social media is huge. You have to be able to market yourself.


Were there some comments online that hurt?
Well, the fact that I have haters just shows me that more people know about me, so I don’t pay much attention. But man, sometimes I want to stick up for myself, but it’s never worth it.


You gonna vote for Dane in the final?
I’m gonna vote for whoever has the best clips. That’s the point of the contest. I mean, yeah, I’d rather see Dane than Luke, cause it will be more exciting and cause Luke gave Dane a shout out. Kinda low.

Okay, so how about you? Were your clips better than Dane’s?
I believe that my clips were better because of what everyone told me. I mean, we have all seen better clips of Dane so, I don’t know, it was really close.


So, what’s next for Cam Richards?
No idea. I’m going home for a bit, then Virginia Beach for the Juniors and the WQS. I’m really trying to qualify for the World Juniors, so Virginia is important for me. Then I wanna go on a trip and film and show everyone what I got.


[Watch the final round of voting on today…and make sure you vote for Cam. Or Dane. Or Luke. Or whoever has the best clips. The winner gets a wild card into the Hurley Pro at Trestles. But you knew that already.]


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  • Greg Morrow

    Cam is one of the most Stand Up guys I’ve ever met….Greg Morrow, Founder, King Bungee SurfBoards…

  • Tyler

    Yea man Sweet! You sound like another ego pumped rich kid with the surf world at his fingers. Can this chop hoppers 15 mins of fame be over please ? Nice kick stalls. How did this guy make the Top 16 ?!

  • Michael Collins

    First class, in and out of the water….Michael Collins, Perfection Surfboards…

  • wade

    Billabong was basically spamming everyone’s “vote for dane” photos with “vote for cam” posts it was annoying and weird af

  • Sam

    Who even is this guy? “I guess they’re all fans” and “Luke gave Dane a shout out”?? I’m so freaken glad he didn’t make it through that round, I can’t imagine what he’d be saying if he’d won.

  • ItsOnlyAParkingLotWang

    Cam and the Richards family are from good stock with solid, friendly southern manners.
    I don’t have a dog in this hunt but two things I know from personal experience- cam is a highly talented and unaffected kid while Tyler is a complete douche nozzle.
    I am farting in your general direction …

  • baloneypony

    Funny you guys act like you know what the kid (Cam) is thinking. You don’t know the guy so you look stupid bashing him. The kid made a good run but big money corporations seemed to make it harder. Kinda cool a few celebs pulled for the little guy. The kid is right about it being pretty low for vets to use their fame against a working class family’s kid especially when they have ties within the industry. Personally i was surprised Slater sided against the kid who is trying to follow a similar path as himself. Hope Cam will earn another shot.

  • 4realagorilla

    If they surfed a heat against each other versus the stupid Facebook contest the same exact results would have happened, Dane would have won that too. Cam is a great young surfer and a super nice humble kid with a great surfing style. That being said, before he goes up against the best in the world he needs to start dominating at the level he’s at now. Dane has proven himself as one of the elite surfers in the world for years now and will put fear into the heart of whoever draws him in their heat. If you want to surf in the WCT you need to start blowing up and wining all the junior events, top twenty finishes in junior pro equals not even making it through your first heat in the WCT. I like the kid and wish him well he should have plenty of time to make it to the big dance. But it has to be earned not given. If he keeps improving and takes it to that next level he will undoubtedly be there one day. But for now the better surfer won period.

  • dan

    Yes Cam comes from a really nice family and he was the underdog and danes fame got him through. But come on, he is 17, moved to san clemente and surfs for a living. no need to feel sorry for anyone, he will be at trestles and eating tacos in no time.

  • Mikey

    Cam will get another shot, plenty more. He’s always been a great kid; respectful humble and did I mention an insane ripper.

  • kelly richards

    Tyler. This is cams dad. dude by no means are we rich. Cam has made it by his talent and work ethic. Maybe talk about someone you know something about. I truly admire cams gift of not letting things like this not getting to him.

  • Dear Tyler

    Tyler, you must know cam so well. Oh wait except he’s basically the opposite of everything youve ironically generalized him to be. He is not rich, his family is not rich and he is probably one of the most down to earth nice people ive met and his family is the same way. Chop hops? if in any of those videos you can find a chop hop you let me know. Each wave had at least one powerful rail turn except the last one that had a gorkin flip and a set up turn and another off the lip air reverse. He’s worked hard to get where he is and for idiots like you to waste 5 seconds of your life and try to judge him without any knowledge of who he is disgusts me.



  • Steve

    That was fun to watch. All that online weirdness. This is a voting contest, and Cam almost beat Dane in it. He didn’t. On to the next one. Why are people getting their panties all knotted up here.

  • kent moore

    Good job cam…keep representing and keep ignoring that haters like Tyler or anyone else….turn it around and use it as fuel….gc4life

  • BUFU

    Been following the kid’s surfing for a couple of years now. He’s getting better and better. Hope this gives him more confidence to achieve great things.

  • Keith Harrelson

    I am friends with Cam’s dad, Kelly Richards, and all I can say is that Cam comes from great stock. Kelly, though he is a bit of a nut, is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. Cam and his older brother Cole are the same way. Honest, unassuming, respectful young men. Anyone that says bad things about Cam and his family are either uniformed, or just jealous. This will not be the last time you hear about Cam Richards……the boy works hard, has immense talent, support from a great family….the sky is the limit.

  • EHC

    Wow! To see adults attack a young man with Cam’s character is disappointing! I have watched Cam grow up and can tell you that his dedication to surfing, his family, friends and home town is what got him those votes! He has lived in this area all his life and never meets a stranger! Takes time with children by teaching surfing through a Junior Lifeguard program here and always has time to encourage a little surfer on the beach or when he’s in the surf shop! Graduated from high school a year early because of his dedication to getting that degree by home schooling his last 2 years! Cam has always been on the honor roll even with the time he spent away surfing! Add all this up and you get a fan base of people who want to see him continue to rise in the surfing world! Add to that the people all over the world who have watched him surf and you have thousands of votes!
    The sky is the limit Cam – keep on doing exactly what you are doing!

  • kelly richards

    WOW Dane admits last night that cam beat him in the heat. We on the east coast knew that all along. But you have to admire dane for being man enough to admit it. There is a east coast guy with the same name as me, and the same haircut that owes my son an apology Proud of you cam. Your dad kelly

  • buddy

    i used to airbrush cams boards, super cool guy.actually got bombed with him last night(me, not him). kicked my ass in foosball too. fuk him, asshole.
    jk. kickass cam! good luck on the tour!

  • Haleigh Grey

    Cam, soo glad to see you out there chasing your dreams, you truly are inspiring. You’re doing so well and just know we all have your back! Don’t listen to all the haters, they’re just trying to get in your head! I just want you to know I’m proud of you, can’t believe you’ve made it this far already, it seems like yesterday we were teasing Cole about how good you were getting! Keep up the good work! You can do anything Cam! Much love!

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  • jason huffman

    Well Cam I don’t kno u personally but many moons ago I spent several weeks each summer at garden city beach either in the water riding or at Happy Days shooting pool. My buddies and I always rode ur Dads boards and enjoyed his humor and company. Knowing Kelly the little I do compared to most of u I am sure u r one hell of a guy. Keep plugging away u got my vote in any comp. I kno I’m a bit late on this reply but work and family have sadly pulled me away a bit from my love of surfing. I’m back in now. Hope to grab one of ur dads boards tron ocean sports very soon. KELLY met an few old friends while in college. OTTER. BRUCE. etc. Well the gang from river city. Cam from what I hear I will be seeing pics videos and interviews by the handfull. Keep up the good work and ethic. I used to watch ur dad at the pier back in the day. Im sure and can only imagine how u rip up that wonderful bit of nature called a WAVE. keep showing in them us east coast boys ain’t all that bad in the water either.