You Are Here: Dustin Humphrey, Surf Photographer

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The Phoenix burns. PHOTO: Tom Hawkins


You Are Here, Nathan Myers

Dustin Humphrey stands beside a burning motorcycle. He’s dressed as a ‘50s greaser, he’s cheering on the destructive flames, and — strangest of all — he’s not taking photos. He’s not even thinking about taking photos.

“When you’re taking photos,” he says later, “you’re not really bring present in the moment. You’re separate from it. I love photography, but lately I’ve been trying to be more present.”

Surf photographers ruin everything. Burn, baby, burn. They make secret spots the object of our every desire, and pretend like not printing the location makes it okay. But the photo is the location, and acting like it’s some sort of secret club just makes it all the more desirable. Another one bites the dust. Welcome to Canggu, Bali. When PHOTO: D.Hump first moved out here in 2007, this place was just a sleepy village on the outskirts of nowhere. Today, the place is an expat clusterfuck, a surf mag photo studio and a zoo of a place to catch a wave. Seems like every new resident these days is either a surf photographer, pro surfer, or some leechy mag dude. And all their wives design bikinis and purses.

But Dustin was the first. He’s been living full time in Indo for more than a decade. And back when he was a SURFING staff photographer, he was our sport’s most prolific lensman (leading the Transworld Photo Wars for months on end). Then one day PHOTO: D.Hump just disappeared.

A few weeks later, this giant structure sprang forth in the rice paddies of Canggu and Dustin was reborn a motorcycle salesman. But the Deus “Temple of Enthusiasm” is more than a hipster bikey shop. It’s more than Thai food and signature cocktails, art shows and movie nights. It’s this place where people go and do stuff. Art stuff. Dude stuff. And they do it with enthusiasm.

This week D.Hump is teaching free photo classes to people who hang around the shop too much. Last week he hosted a series of fixed gear bicycle races. The month before, WolfMother played a massive set in the courtyard to celebrate John Lennon’s birthday. They sponsor local surfers. Host a strange DJ Triangle. And sell the oddest shaped surfboards you’ve ever seen. Now they’re having Dress-Up Drag Races in the nearby rice paddies. Or at least, they were until the motorcycle exploded.


Dustin imparts a teaspoon of the wisdom he gleaned over an iconic career. He’s got gallons of that wisdom on tap. PHOTO: Tom Hawkins


SURFING: What happened to D.Hump? Why did you stop shooting surfing?
D.HUMP: A couple things happened. For one, I was getting complacent with my surf photography. I was sleepwalking through it, not putting the right energy in. At the same time, I started doing more fashion photography and was enjoying that a bit more, and then I met my business partner Dare and starting talking about the Deus ex Machina concept. Eventually we just said, “Okay, let’s do it.” This place pulls together all my passions: photography, surfing, motorcycles, music and art. Plus, I have a three-year-old son now and after ten years on the road — which was everything I could have hoped for — I was anxious to stay home a bit more. This was a whole new set of challenges, and I like feeling challenged.

Was there a point when your surf photography career just ended?
Last year I was coming home from shooting this righthander with Timmy Turner and Mikala and Daniel Jones. It was a spot that we’d shot ten years earlier and had kinda put my surf photography on the map. So, ten years later, we got it really good again — Daniel even got the cover of SURFING. I remember on the boat ride back home just thinking, “You know, that might be it.” A week later I was asked to go shoot Taj Burrow up in Telos — two of my favorite things to do — but I chose to stay home and watch my friend Ryan Turner compete at Padang instead. Didn’t even shoot photos. Just watched the contest. That was it. I’d come full circle.

Do you think your surf photography in Indonesia has contributed to crowding and over-exposure of a lot of spots?
Definitely. I mean, somewhere like Keramas was gonna happen one way or another. I was the first to shoot it and publish it in a magazine, but it really opened up when they built the road along the east coast. After that, it would have been like trying to keep Rocky Point a secret.

Back in the old days, I never printed where any of my Indo shots were, whether it was Bali or anywhere else. But after the bombing in 2002, the Balinese surf community came to Jason Childs and me and asked us to get Bali into the mags as much as possible. Tourism had come to a standstill here and people were hurting. So we did. We publicized the f–k out of this place all over the world, and it worked. Bali is one the world’s hottest surf destinations in the world right now.

Was it worth the cost?
Well, yeah, it f–ked it up. It f–ked it up for me too, ’cause all these photographers moved here and started following me around. They’d go shoot where I shot even if they didn’t have surfers with them. So, yeah, I f–ked it up, but I’d do it all over again because it was what Bali needed.

What one piece of advice would you give other photographers about shooting portraits?
Focus on the eyes. They’re they windows to the soul. Sounds cheesy, I know, but it’s true. I always ask people to remove their sunnies.


After we talk, Dustin gives me a quick tour of the grounds: the surfboard shaping bays, the motorcycle and bicycle workshop, the art studios and painting rooms. Everywhere you go, locals and expats are enthusiastically tinkering away on some strange new project. Shoebox guitars. Coffin shaped surfboards. Helmet art.

The tour ends in Dustin’s custom photo studio, complete with a rounded white wall creating an illusion of no corners. “This is my dream studio,” he says. “So I can still do photography anytime I want. But these days I’m also teaching a lot of other people what I learned over the years.”

The charred motorcycle bike is now set up in the studio for his photo class to practice product shots on. Later, they’re going to rebuild the bike for the young owner, Max, and call it “The Phoenix,” the bike that rose from its own ashes.

Dustin climbs onto the bike and lets me shoot portraits of him. I try to focus on the eyes. —Nathan Myers


Dustin Humphrey — in his studio, on his bike. PHOTO: Nathan Myers


Learn more about Deus ex Machina Bali here.


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  • Jimmicane

    Pretty rad to see what DHump is doing these days. I think you could say that Dustin along with Pete Taras changed the way surf photos are shot completely. Dude was a huge inspiration to a lot of people. I still have his Kelly at Soup Bowl photo hanging in my office. Legendary photo.

  • jamie p


  • stevo

    i live in sydney used to go to bali to escape the scene that im surrounded by, but now that scene has all moved to bali, seminyak ,canggu etc etc.
    so where now must we all go to avoid this cool cat invasion ?
    its like a virus, when will it end ?
    seriously, where must we go to avoid one more guy sporting an oversized beard who claims to be a surf or fashion photographer, seriously.
    thats not even original, your all copying one another.

    very funny how dustin commented on everyone designing bikinis and purses, more exploitation of the lovely indonesians and their kindness.
    dustin, i like you photos and its good your teaching indos how to take photos as you should be.
    but as you said you, you played a huge roll in fucking the place for everyone.

  • Kaipo Gomes

    How did Pete Taras change the way surf photos are shot? Serious question cause I don’t know. Did he build some trick camera or something?
    I was told some pretty heavy shit about DHump and how he treated people and let’s just say it wasn’t good. So much so that at one time he was not the most loved photog in Bali. Shocking that Machado even talks to him after the Drifter shoot. He had no choice as DHump was the Hurley photog on Bali. Look into this if you don’t already know before you call me a “hater”.

  • Will Smith


  • jaybird

    Haters. Wow, after all these years D.Hump still get hated on. This is probably why he left the surf industry because of people like you.
    I have known Dustin for more than a couple of years. He’s the real deal. Talented and generous and has a very big heart. He gets passionately heated from time to time and he doesn’t take much shit. I would love to see these people on the net say this stuff to his face rather than hiding behind blogs.
    I met Rob Machado for the first time last October- at Deus- for D.Hump’s kids birthday party.
    Get your facts straight hater’s…

  • benj

    Rad evolution for one of the sport’s most prolific contributors. I’ve actually had the honor of cruising through the Deus Shop in Canggu and it’s freakin’ amazing. The way they encourage everyone’s creativity there is inspirational. Made me wanna make shit.

    Best sushi in town, too. Nice work Hump. Don’t listen to the web-haters or dwell on the past. What you’re doing is awesome.

  • kerryphoto

    You missed the point Stevo- D.Hump gave up what he loved most (shooting in Bali with no other photographers) in order to help save the economy in Bali which relies solely on tourism. And it worked. The surfers were the first to come back to Bali after the bombs because they saw the pros do it in the mags. Then the masses followed and it has never stopped. You can blame him and he admits to it but at least acknowledge that he did it for the better good of the island.
    D.Hump seems to sprinkle ferry dust on everything he does. Always has style and an abundance of creativeness. Sipping Jet Streams is was a perfect example of that. Deus is the same. Awesome place. It also seems everything he does comes with its fair share of controversy. But doesn’t that go for everybody in the position of influence and power?

  • Ace

    Would be cool to see a retrospective book of all of Hump’s work. Ten years of D.Hump or something. Sipping Jetstreams. Indo. Travels. Portraits. Even chuck on some motorcycles. I’d leave that on my coffee table. Man’s an artist. Nice work.

  • jonasw

    I hate haters.
    Art Brewer, Teddy Grambeau, D.Hump. Best surf photographers of all time.
    I haven’t been to Deus yet but i have heard its epic!

  • Tom

    Wow!..the saying “hater’s gonna hate” is in full swing i see. Now i cant really go into depth about who Dustin was before i met him…but I can certainly say a few words about him since then. He took me under his wing just over a year ago now, i was just a lost kid in Bali, trying to follow a dream of taking photos and had no idea where to start. I was fortunate enough to hook up with Dustin by a chance meeting about motorcycles and things just went from there.

    From lost kid in Bali to the Staff photographer for Deus in Bali in under a year is quite the jump, and there is no way in hell I could have done it without the guidance and teachings of Dustin on a day to day basis. From camera and lens questions to full breakdowns on how the photography industry operates, he laid things out in such an easy way, that it was almost impossible not to understand exactly what he was talking about and walk away with a new bout of knowledge.

    This past year we have built the Deus Ex Machina premises from the ground up, a job that required the help of hundreds of different people with varying talents and expertise..and i can safely say that weather things were going good or bad, D.Hump always treated people with respect and a level of humility that i always found quite humbling.

    Now as i said before, i cant really say much about the Dhump that existed before i met him…all i can say is that this past year has been the best year of my life and i put that down to Dustin, and Dustin alone.

    Now before you start hating, come down and spend some time here at Deus, and witness the level of love flowing around something that, the person you diss so much, helped create.


  • Ano

    I agree with Kerry Stevo, you couldn’t hit the side of the barn with a shovel. Read the article again, I think you will find that the guy who wrote the article, Nathan (nice article by the way), was the one that actually wrote “Seems like every new resident these days is either a surf photographer, pro surfer, or some leechy mag dude. And all their wives design bikinis and purses.”

    Why is it that some Australian’s have this tall poppy syndrome? You and your ilk tend to epitomize what is really wrong with the world. What is it that you do that makes the world a better place to live? As another Australian you bring shame on us sport!

    The population of the world is growing exponentially. While D.Hump may have accelerated the rate at which people moved back to Bali, it was bound to have happened. The way I see it he came to the rescue of the lovely Indonesian’s and their kindness in their hour of need. Where were you?

    I am definitely excited about hanging at the Deus Temple in Canggu and hope that some of Dustin’s kindness rubs off on me. Good job mate.

  • diggerbelly

    Good on Dustin for shakin it up and doin his own thing. Best sushi in town really makes me to go back and not only see the temple, but feed with enthusiasm. :) And to the hater geek, obviously you don’t know Dustin. He is a nice, humble & positive guy who treats people well and does not forget his roots. While none of us like the overcrowding there. At least he can admit and own up to his part in bringing people there.

  • pepito de los palotes


  • ray

    moving on from the surf industry… who would have thunk it.
    he obviously realized the industry is about a mile wide with a centimeter of depth.
    brilliant photog. inspiring work.

  • HawkEye

    “the industry is a mile wide and a centimeter deep” — that’s a good one, ray. nailed it. to make your mark and move on is the biggest challenge. have the other “legends” of surf photography are still still re-living their awards banquet and repeating their same shots. congrats to d.hump for continuing to evolve. great story here as well — i’d been wondering what happened. good job, myers, this you are here column is already fun. looking forward to more.

  • ** River **

    Epic Dustin. Way to go on bringing your art, action and passion together for other.

    Float on! :)

  • john

    This is the shutter. Now gently push down.

  • thommas

    you can`t shoot photos of the pros if they don`t want to shoot with you, can you ?

    so many people have it all wrong here. dustin did some good and alot of bad.
    least that pete taras guy did all his own work !
    enough said.

  • Rob

    @thommas: all pete does it pick photos. what’s your favorite Pete Taras shot?

    Meanwhile, DHump has dozens of iconic, memorable classics. I’m sure even Pete would agree. There’s little comparison, so I don’t know why this debate is even going on here.

    Pete, by the way, has had a huge influence on the sport — but not as a photographer, as a photo editor. He inspired guys like Dustin to explore the possibilities and push the limits.

    But it’s apples and oranges. There’s no upcoming Pete Taras Photo Book coming out…it comes out every month as Surfing Magazine.

  • pepito de los palotes


  • Kaipo Gomes

    For all you cry babies whining “hater” over and over and not knowing a damn thing about the person look to what thommas says, At least that Pete Taras guy did all is own work!..

    Do all you “claimers” know what he means? Do you know who “First” is? How bad did Dump burn him and he was his brother in law. How in the World can you piss off the coolest guy on Bali, Rizal? Dump did. The boys wanted him off their island for a while. There is waaaaay more to this story. So all you “claimers” go ahead with all you’ve got, no facts just whiny BS hater tags. The truth hurts. If you know it!!

    Live in the bed you made. Try not to take a Dump in it.

  • jamie

    actually pete is a pretty damn good photographer.

  • Friend of First

    For all you fags who sip soy latte’s at Deus and ride around on a hip motorcycle’s through Cangu…… here’s a word to you:


    That’s not the real Bali. But I shouldn’t tell too many people. Let them flock to the beach break and ride a twin fin and look at art all day. You guys disgust me. Taking limestone from the Bukit to fill in all the rice paddies so you can have you over priced villa. Fuck you.

    And Dump is the worst. Just look at his ex brother in law. Yes ex. Dump screwed over everyone including his own family. The story is too long to tell here. And it’s a sad one. No friends. Well, at least no friends that he’s had over 5 years. That would suck. Just to keep having new friends that come and go. Suck your cock and then leave before the cum digests through your fat stomach.

    But it does look good for you these days Dump. These are the most positive things I’ve ever seen written about you. People must have forgot what a horrible human being you are.

  • Steve Shearer

    “Today, the place is an expat clusterfuck, a surf mag photo studio and a zoo of a place to catch a wave. Seems like every new resident these days is either a surf photographer, pro surfer, or some leechy mag dude. And all their wives design bikinis and purses.”

    And Deus is the temple and apotheosis of this fuckery.

    Why pull your punches NM……calling it as it is is the new black.

  • Stan Stevens

    @Friend of First: you mean, First who helped his friend buy land by telling him twice the asking price then running off with the money?

    By “the real Bali” do you mean the Bukit where only expats live?

    You’re on here calling everyone fags and horrible human beings and telling ’em to fuck off…look at what a horrible human you doing that? Try looking in a mirror before you lash out with your ugly anger. Or at least use your real name. This is so typical, hippycritcal internet hater crap. Some “friend” you are.

  • Kaipo Gomes

    Finally someone who knows the truth and not some fantasy. Friend of First speaks the truth. Dump is lucky he is in one piece because there was a long list of people he pissed off. When Hurley realized that is was First taking the photos and not Dump they tried to hire First. Dump lost it. If you really want a good story why don’t you interview First with the photos he shot that Dump claimed as his. Dump a brilliant, creative photog? Are you sure it wasn’t a photo that First shot?

  • mark cutback davis

    another fucking new jack fat hipster with tattoos and a bike. It’s a god damn world wide epidemic I tell ya

  • Stewart

    Man, it’s core when you see a Cali ex-pat with a tattoo of the entire Indonesian archipelago on his left arm. How in the he’ll did he fit all of the 16,000 islands on one arm? I want to be just like this guy. I’m going to get an SPL water housing, a fisheye lens, and move to this place they call the Bukit….

  • thommas

    yep, lets see FIRSTS photos and im sure all the cock suckers out there will be quick to eat a fuckload of SHUT THE FUCK UP.
    so damn funny how everyone, THE LOVERS get all caught up in the hyoe, get real and see it for what it really is.

    oh and pete taras is real good, and is still going at it without burning out or ripping people off !
    so, NM you want a good story and get the cock from your mouth, get on that story.

  • thommas

    oh and whilst im here someone compared D HUMP to art brewer and Ted Grambeau well thats is a crime in itself.
    get real.

    masters vs a rip off, no contest.

  • humpdhump

    Maybe he should starting taking photos of his real passion, food! fat hipster prick!

  • Tom Hawkins is a KOOK

    Hey Tom, why don’t you get DUMPS cock out of your mouth before you talk.

    Anyone who has a fucking fire tattoo on his leg is a complete DEUS bag…..

    You said you were a lost kid in Bali, now the staff photographer for DEUSH….your still lost little buddy. Good thing you don’t surf or I would make you put on a wetsuit to cover up that ugly tattoo on your leg. That thing is fucked.

  • stephen

    First doesn’t even on a camera.

  • john

    Wait, there’s a mag in Bali called Douche ? With a Staff Photog that doesn’t even surf ? Dumps legacy…

  • Peter Taras

    This comments section sounds like a full insane asylum and here I find myself contributing to the madness.

    -To say Dustin is a rip off would be like saying Jeff Devine ripped off Ron Stoner. It’s not accurate. You have to look at his body of work for his time period. Look at the amount of work Dustin pumped out from 2002 to 2009. That run right there is one of the strongest runs a surf photographer will ever have in this photo world. It’s up there with Warren Bolster’s mid 70’s run, or Art Brewer’s and Jeff Devine’s period. Or Ron Stoner or Leroy Grannis. For that time period Dustin was the guy. There will always be one or two guys per decade that bring something new to the table and that’s something that should be hailed, regardless of their attitude, who they work for, or whatnot.

    Im not a surf photographer, Im a photo editor. Completely agree with Rob.

  • ray

    wait, wait.. my turn to toss some stones:

    “bro, you dissed us back in ’93….blah, blah, blah”

    “d-hump took my hasbro toy….” Waaaaahhhhhh”

    “no wait, i know the “real” dump…blah……

    TMZ for surfing could appease the disease.

  • James Chase

    Kaipo: you can’t interview First cause he’s on the run for money he stole. That little crook was posted up with Dumps 600 for a couple months shooting Hurley’s ad shots, but certainly has no reflection on his 10 year body of travel photography.

    Dustin is right there amongst the greatest of all time surf photogs. And it’s cool to see him taking his passions in new directions. If he has demons in his past, they don’t seem present now (and why are they your business anyway.

    Thanks Pete Taras for setting the record straight on this asylum. And anyone commenting using silly anonymous names shouldn’t ever be taken seriously. They’re obviously saying stuff they’d never have the balls to back up in person. Like little kids throwing stones from the bushes then running away. Weak and cowardly. So sick of these forums being full of cowardly children. How do we find a place to discuss things where people aren’t afraid to back their words up?

    Respect to Taras and Jimmicane for setting the record straight. None of the other comments above even count. Including “Kaipo Gomes”…yeah right.

  • Boo Boo

    You would think that a photo editor with the name PETE TARAS could spell, correctly that is, one of the great surfing photographers of all time. His name is spelled DIVINE, not DEVINE you fruit caking idiot.

    Know how to spell your own history you retard, before I start spelling your name TAR-ASS.

  • Benj

    Stupid “James Chase” — bet that isn’t even your real name.

  • Steveness

    So gay when people point out spelling errors on web forums.

  • Taras

    oh boo boo, don’t have a heart attack over a simple typo.

  • johhny

    PHOTO editor…..key word there boo boo

  • Dave O’Neill

    Sipping Jetstreams is an all time classic. Dustin’s book is still on my coffee table — gets picked up at every party.

  • ray

    Pete will be remembered for a typo on an internet comment entry. What a disaster, eh?
    How dare he make any mistakes? blah…more noise from the tool shed.
    Boo boo = baboon with lots of time on their hands.

  • Susi Johnston

    All I can say is . . . I love the few places left in the world where people are free to voice their opinions and impressions without fear. This is one of those places.

    My experiences over a decade indicate that Dustin is an honest, kind, generous, decent, hard-working man. Never said he’d be perfect or a superhero or anything like that. Never said he’d be in a good mood with everyone every moment. He’s just doing stuff, doing a decent job of it. Making things. Making places. Making mistakes. Experimenting. Stepping out. Giving life a jolly good go. Normal.

    And as for Tom up there in the deluge of comments . . . all I can say is keep an eye on that boy, Tom, he’s not afraid of anything that isn’t seriously worth being afraid of, and he’s doing what he does very well.

  • Boo Boo

    This magazine and website has been going into the shit can for years. Too bad FLAME isn’t around anymore so he could regulate all of you posers.

  • johhny

    Have you even opened a magazine lately? apparently not because you cannot compare the content from this website to the actual magazine. Let alone compare this to the other 2 major US magazines

  • Nick Carroll

    hey Boo Boo,

    As Flame woulda said: “Nobody cares! Show ’em who’s ripping!”

  • Edgar

    Factory tour of Deus is cool video. Damn there’s a lot going on in there.

    But I can’t really make sense of the above comments. What’s everyone so upset about? Who’s “First?” Is that a person? Guess I don’t live in Cangu like everyone else on this website.

  • Svenbo

    So….in conclusion, Dustin is a dick who took great photos but stopped so he could make motorcycles for fat people, but not his brother-in-law First who is a criminal and Flame doesn’t care and, oooh, look, hitler.

  • Kaipo Gomes

    That is really funny.

  • 10

    Kaipo Gomes…. kook.

  • Kaipo Gomes

    “10” way to contribute with your evolved intelligence level. Are you salting those french fries at the Golden Arches? What’s next……’re a hater!

    Repeat after me, you are a wanker.

  • Wordsmith

    Wow. Now we know how much imagery can have an effect on people’s lives. If there is one thing to take from this it is that images matter, for better or worse of course.

  • 10

    kaipo gomes,
    clown of the year.
    “evolved intelligence level”… how does intelligence evolve, please inform me wise kaipo?

    maybe its from a mutation that one develops from exposure to hawaiian culture.
    its called being a kook goon.

    goon sunny garcia, goon johnny boy gomes, and goon kaipo gomes:
    the islands’ inheritance isn’t about being intellectual, but of confusion in thought.
    thank you for demonstrating your lack of knowledge.

    hi, everybody, i’m kaipo gomes, let me make some analogies about McDonalds to impose my internet will. goon kook.

    not really familiar with the term “wanker”, goon language.

  • Wordsmith


    If you had a profound background of the social, economic, and political history of Hawaii, I would respect what you have written. Unfortunately, your prose puts you in the same bracket as the person whom you are dismissing.

    If you spoke like that openly in Hawaii, you would be roundly dismissed as being ignorant, and yes, someone would regulate you for your lack of thought, history, and colonial ignorance.

    As far as Gomes and Garcia, these are neither names nor people that represent the vastness of Hawaiian history, or its people.

    #10: Your rant is disappointing indeed….

  • Catman

    Funny dustin doesn’t even surf..

  • kerryphoto

    I saw him in the water SURFING last week on a longboard.

  • josh88

    Right on Pete for speaking up! Legend! I reckon Flame would have done the same!

  • Catman

    A previous post said that after the 2002 and 2005 bombs, the surfers were the first back to Bali…crapola. @ 5-10 people from each plane load of tourists come here to Bali, that’s @ 5% of all passengers,shit tourists from Europe have been coming here since the 20’s, not the 70’s .
    Ano says that D. Hump accelerated the people moving back to Bali, give me a fucking break, what % of new residents here are surfers…I would guess less than 5%
    As for the comment that Hump was shooting here WITH NO OTHER PHOTOGRAPHERS…get real wanker.
    And “having the honor of cruising through Deus”, since when is it an honor to go into a shop, I pass it daily and wouldn’t be seen dead going through the door

  • James

    Catman- Whats your real name? Thats what I thought pussy. Show yourself. If you want to talk sh*t do it to someone’s face. I am sure Dustin will happily oblige you. But you wouldnt do that would you. Because you know the whole village would kick your ass before Dustin even got to you. Internet pussy’s.

  • KIMO


    Why don’t your home address and IP number so a bunch of us can come over and kick your ass?

    This thread will obviously not die, simply because of all the wankers that try and stand up for DUMP. Like the best quote in this thread…

    “another fucking new jack fat hipster with tattoos and a bike. It’s a god damn world wide epidemic I tell ya…”

    People, authenticity still matters in the surf world, and in life. Get real, all of your cookie cutter, tattoo wearing, hipsters of the West Coast….You guys are a real life disease….

  • Catman

    the whole village will kick my ass…you need a reality check fool.
    since when does a comment about a tourist provoke outrage in a Balinese village.
    but in your little world,for you, your friends represent the whole of Bali.
    Kimo….well said

  • KIMO

    Thanks Catman,

    Still learning to spell and conjugate subject/verbs etc…

    I meant to say this to James,

    “Why don’t you post your home address and IP number so a bunch of us can come over and kick your ass?”

    Is there anything worse than an expatriate living in Bali who comes from California? The answer is easy: No there is not.

  • observing on a stone

    Lots of anger on this board.
    Looks like some people are confused.
    Those of you that are truly angry have no life and contribute nothing, but ramblings. The guy looks like he’s successful and some of you want to pull him down with all kinds of personal attacks.
    Looks like the video speaks for itself and underneath it is a bunch of five year olds crying over spilled milk.

  • Niko

    Here’s something actually relevant to this post:

    Why’s everyone here so grumpy. Live and let live.


  • H2O

    Full on KOOK..

  • Catman

    daggy drag races, shit you can get that at any traffic light here in Bali any day.

  • Kaipo Gomes

    To “observing on a stone” have you ever heard the phrase, “be careful who you piss off on your way up the ladder because you will fall past them on your way back down”?

    This applies to Dump in this post. If you are new to him or have only seen his photos then you are ignorantly unaware of what a prick he was to many people. This is a fact. So to put him up on some stage and adore him is a joke. Do you know where he is originally from? Ask yourself why you don’t see his photos everywhere anymore. This is not a case of I hate the guy it is just calling it like it really is. Great for him he has a Balinese factory going but is he tooling them also. Hard to change your stripes.

  • observing on a stone

    Keep barking at the moon.
    With Hugs and Kisses,

  • Steve

    what? done comment already? kaipo, your a douche.

  • Dump


  • jimmy james kinnaird

    all you guys are pathetic none of you guys use your real name and none would back up what you all say – wake up and quit hating everything everyone does. i guess its what makes guys like dustin keep achieving and people like you more bitter. haha please.

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  • Jonno

    The guy is a dickhead

  • Harry

    Bali still rocks when it’s big…
    Glad I’ve been going for 20 yrs…

    Got the best of it for years..

    Let the guy alone he’s made some decent jobs for some locals

    Better than some have ..Lowe all harp e baggage.