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Jeremy, laid up with a phantom injury. Get well soon. Photo: Myers


You Are Here, Nathan Myers

Jeremy Flores is waiting by the phone. After a knee-popping wipeout warming up for the Quiky Pro, he’s spent the last couple days visiting doctors, physical therapists and new-age electro-shaman. None of them can find a thing. Jeremy just knows his knee hurts too much to walk. Too much to surf.

Poor guy. The waves are finally here. The comp is on. He was super pumped to start the new season here at one of his favorite waves. His second home. And now this.

I stop by his house for a quick chat. The contest is on the flat-screen, proper HD sports coverage (good on ya, Quiksilver). A room full of dudes who are either fit surfers or jiu jitsu fighters — probably both — sit around half watching. The porch is covered in weights and training gear, but Jeremy is on the couch. His knee is elevated. He is smiling, but he is not happy. Electrodes dangled from his knee. “I don’t know what it does,” he says, “but at this point, I’ll try anything.”

We talk about last year’s infamous Sterling Spencer video.

“I thought it was funny,” he says.

We speak about his Pipe Master title

“I’m most comfortable inside the barrel.”

About his highly publicized fight at Burleigh.

“The ASP said I should just let the guy punch me. I don’t think I could do that.”

He’s an interesting man. Five-year veteran of the World Tour at only 22 years old, he’s got a lot of surfing left in him. But today, he’s got no surfing at all.



Jeremy Flores: “Never give up.” My trainer taught me that.


My passport, so I can continue to travel the world and visit all my friends.


I just want to be remembered a good person. Someone who made other people happy.


The phone rings and Jeremy takes the call in private. His expression is inconclusive. The doctors want more tests. With his competitive season hanging in the balance, he limps up the street on his crutches to do the ASP webcast for France. —NM


You Are Here is a series of brief visitations with those in and around the world of surf, as encountered by SURFING’s roaming correspondent Nathan Myers.



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  • DaveO

    A French Pipe Master? I’d like to see him back it up next year.

  • Tom Pierce

    It’s called K-A-R-M-A. I wonder what the gods will do to Sunny Garcia.

  • Tom O’Connell

    Spencer’s video was so funny. I remember Jeremy got all upset about it. No he says he thought it was funny. That’s BS.

  • Sven

    Flores is one of most underrated surfers on tour. But probably a long way from the first European champ. Specially if Kelly goes for number 11, 12, 13, 14, 15….

  • Super

    love the crotch shot. Meyers a fan of males ?

  • Tom Pierce

    Sven, even if I really like Jeremy Flores (which I don’t), I’d have to wholeheartedly disagree with your statement. I actually think Jeremy Flores is vastly OVERrated. Somehow all the jiu jitsu training has not translated into an increase in power, and Flores still surfs like a 14-year-old girl in an NSSA contest, and not a very good one at that.

    If someone rips, I’ll admit it. I can’t stand Jordy Smith, but that kid obviously KILLS it. But since the departure of Luke Stedman, Jeremy Flores is easily the weakest surfer on tour. BUT, he’s smart. Somehow despite his weakness he knows how to maximize scores and scrape through enough heats to continue on tour.

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  • sam

    bummer about that backwash-caused knee injury. Maybe Jeremy can have Sunny go find that backwash and beat it up for him.

  • Stuart Cornuelle

    That may be the best comment I’ve read on here. Ever.

  • Sven

    Tom: I think the results speak for themselves. Flores has spent 4 of 5 years in the top ten. Yet dicks like you still translate American prejudice against France into lack of power.

  • Tom Pierce

    No, Sven, it has nothing to do nationality, and who said I was American? It has to do with his power, or more precisely, lack thereof.

    “Results” speak for themselves, eh? Would you say Damian Hardman is one of the all-time great surfers? He won TWO world titles, and always finished in the Top 5. How about Hans Hedeman? I think he holds the record for most years in the Top 16.

    There is a BIG difference between a great competitor and a great SURFER. If Jeremy finishes higher than Dane for the next 5 years, are you going to infer he’s a better surfer? Read the last 2 sentences of my post: I said he’s SMART, and he knows how to win heats. But, aside from being a better than average tube rider, he’s below average in every category, and easily the most girlish in terms of power on tour.

  • sam

    I’ll be here all week…

  • robot

    Jeremy is one-dimensional. Off the tops, basic cutbacks, and tube riding….nothing exceptional in the repertoire and adds little to the sport. He is a Gabe-Kling-90’s-Shane-Powellesque annoyance. Please stop covering him. I am already bored thinking about his surfing.

  • saltydog

    how dare you bash Shane Powell like that.

  • Sven

    Oh Tom, you’re SUCH an American. Listen to all that anger. Ha ha.

  • Tom Pierce

    Anger? You don’t have to be an angry person to hate Jeremy Flores surfing – everybody does. And if I was an “angry” person, I’d probably be more stoked about him getting involved in that punchout, which I thought was disgusting.

    I’m not an American, but I’m not an angry little pseudo fighter French boy, either. It’s a shame though that they don’t train stand up at Jeremy’s school, because it looks like that little Aussie was lighting Jeremy before Thugs-R-Us jumped in.

  • Hans

    Jeremy Flores is a WANKER!…….now go read a book!

  • sunny’s little cousin

    Flores has no fan-base because there is not much to be a fan of….
    I guess if you live in 1994, like barrel-riding, and are listening to Pearl Jam’s 10…then you might be interested in watching the guy surf. Nowadays, we are interested in above-the-lip and a variety of maneuvers = surfing that Clay, Julian, Chippa, Dane, Wilko, Jordy and the progressive group is doing. Quiksilver needs to shelf this guy. It looks like he has an injury which is never a good thing for anyone, but really no one cares if “Jeremy spoken”.

  • brent

    hey tom pierce, if jeremy flores is ‘below average’ then you and i are.. what? i went to the beach and watched this past years pipe masters, and i was very impressed with his ‘better than average’ tube riding skills. i actually met him the day after his win, seemed like a nice enough guy, i don’t understand why you’d say everyone hates his surfing, because you’re wrong. why would a company like quiksilver pay him to surf if they hated him? you suck at logic, bro

  • Hans

    Jeremy’s surfing is rather quite boring! He has no style at all. He’s over-hyped. And he’s not even a real Pipe surfer. Sure he’s a Billabong Pipeline Pro winner, but he’s not a “Pipeline Master”! He only won Pipeline because Perrow made a bad mistake by taking that first wave of the set that came with 2 minutes left. Perrow had priority and should have let the wave go. Jeremy got lucky that the next wave that came barreled long enough for him to take the lead. He is by no means a PIPE MASTER! Kelly, Bruce, Andy, Jamie, and all those who won before Jeremy are real Pipe Masters. Hate to say it but Jeremy’s win was a FLUKE! I bet the results of the final would have been different if it was solid 10-12 feet. Little Frenchie would have had his tail between his legs if the waves had been bigger and the AUSSIE would have won the event hands down. Sunny’s Little Cousin speaks the truth, Quiksilver needs to drop Jeremy, but they won’t because they need him for their look in France!!! Blah!!!!

  • françois

    Jeremy is overated for so many years… For sure he was ripping at 12.
    He has been pushed so much by Quik which success to believe us he could be the next world champ (similar story with Leo???).
    I can’t still understand how a guy who can’t land any aerial can be in te TOP 10.
    Is it really necessary to talk about Gay jujitsu training, underwear and arrogance?
    The worst thing is, because of him, you, guys, think all surfers from France surf like JF or Miky Picon… Trust me they’re not at all!!!!! Just have a look on Marc Lacomare and Joan Duru (who has to leave Quik to start existing in French medias).
    In France, most of people think like not Quiksilver…

    A froggy

  • françois

    think like me not Quiksilver

  • ninja

    I am not sure what good Jeremy’s jiu jitsu did him in the fight. Jeremy was all “sue” and was missing the jiu/jit. If you go to Australian surfing life website, they documented his scrap where the frog prince appears like a deer in headlights. Is there a reason the author included that his entourage included fighters? This guy can’t surf, can’t fight, and has a knee injury. The most exciting thing he has done was win on a mistake by Perrow and gotten into a scrap. An average surfer at best.

  • Gorik


    It goes on… Oufcourse there’s never the real possibility for a non-USA/AUS/ZAF to be a really good surfer!

    He has to be an Englishspeaking git. Actually surf is an english word, so other nations and origins can go stuff themselves or go back to other occupations, right?

    That’s why Adriano, Jeremy, Medina, Alejo and others will never stand a chance with the judges. As long as the ASP and other ruling bodies are filled with Anglo-saxons, racism and xenophobia will always get their way…

    Pity, surfing is not about that, shouldn’t be.

  • françois

    So that means UK surfers rip?

  • the flats

    Name one interesting maneuver J-Flo has pulled off in the last decade besides getting a pit.

    Ok, there you have it folks. Let’s move along, there’s nothing to see here. Ok, there’s J-Flo wrecked on the side of the road, nothing to see folks, let’s keep moving….

  • Ted

    How does J-Flo manage to stay Top 10 if he sucks as much as everyone is here implying (and I’m not implying he doesn’t). After five years on tour, he’s still only 22 — one of the youngest guys there and youngest in Top 10 for sure. So, I’d say he’s still got a lot of growth left in him…all built upon an obvious ability to make heats.

    Him and Brett Simpson can bore the hell out of us for many years to come. Yea!

  • Sven

    Why is Tom Pierce so embarrassed about being an American?

  • Death

    Jeremy is a kook.

  • Gorik


    I guess last Teahupoo answered all those “not a real Pipe Master” haters… Even a Tahitian charger cowed out on droping those huge morphing pits, Jeremy DIDN’T!!!! All heats after that looked like they could be riden by a “14 year-old girl from a NSSA contest”!

    Guess I would like, at 42, to be as much a kook as Jeremy is…

    Only problem with Jeremy is his passport I guess…