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Matt Meola

You Are Here, Nathan Myers

Is it weird that two BFF’s should surf so well? Maui life-buddies Matt Meola and Albee Layer have been pushing the envelope on all fronts lately: innovative airs, paddle-in Jaws, wonderful wipeouts, online smack-talk. They surf together. Blog together. Enter Internet competitions together. It might be awkward if it weren’t so rad to watch – both together and apart, these guys are raising the freesurfing bar. They can’t even remember how long it’s been going on. “Matt’s just kinda always been there,” says Albee. “He’s one of my oldest friends.”

That’s super cute and all, but they’d just be two more undiscovered island boys if it wasn’t for the power of this thing called “the Internet”: both surfers blew up on Taylor Steele’s Innersection project (Meola won the first $100k and Albee’s a solid contender for this year’s prize); they tandem-post a blog site together (; and now, they’re launching their own YouTube buddy-surf web-series, called The Isle.

SURFING: Is this just your way of never having to leave Maui?
MATT MEOLA: I personally think Maui is the best place on earth. We called it “The Isle” because this is where we are from and who we are. We love to travel, but in the winter we have no reason to. There will for sure be episodes where we are traveling and surfing other waves.

SURFING: So, what’s this show about?
MEOLA: The premise of this series is to show the world who Albee and I are. To tell the truth, we don’t like where the sport is going right now, and we want to change it. The level of surfing is being pushed harder than ever, but the image around surfers is going down the drain.

SURFING: And what’s that image?

MEOLA: The stereotypical pro surfer these days are fashion-hungry hipsters who surf mostly small waves and do drone interviews telling everybody exactly what they wanna hear. Albee and I are country boys. I feel like we are not on the same page as a lot of the surfers nowadays. So, in this series we will have the chance to state our opinions. We want everybody to get to know us, not only our surfing. We want to show everybody what the life of a pro surfer from Maui is.

SURFING: So, who exactly is putting this show together?
MEOLA: Albee and I are the main surfers, but we’ve got tons of friends from here that are underground rippers. We wouldn’t be who we are with out the people we hang out with. So, if they rub the camera the right way, you can bet your ass they’re getting a shot.

SURFING: You and Albee seem really close. Is it love?
MEOLA: I once snuck in the bathroom when he was taking a shower and pissed on his leg, but that’s the closest our swords have ever come to crossing.

SURFING: Um, let’s change the subject. You’ve been telling people to vote for Albee’s Innersection over your own — do you think he’s gonna win the $100k?
MEOLA: I’m guessing he’s pretty nervous at this point. Albee isn’t the kind of guy who would want to win if he didn’t deserve it. I feel like his part is a step ahead of them all. Mental theme. Huge paddle-ins. Massive barrels. And some of the most progressive airs ever. Plus, he could probably use the money more than most of the people entered.

SURFING: Will we be seeing much of Willie Nelson and Woody Harrelson on “The Isle”?
MEOLA: I don’t know about that, but Willie’s son Lucas is a good friend and I love his music, so there’s a good chance of him showing up in Episode 2.

Albee and Matt’s “THE ISLE” premieres this week on

Watch the trailer here:

Or just watch this, instead:

“Modern Atlas 2”

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  • action lover

    this is it! YEAH! I’d way rather see stuff like this than “Day One Australian Open” 2ft “fun”, Day Two Australian Open 2ft “high performance” Day Three Australian Open 2ft ect., ect.,

  • lolbro

    Hawaiians: Claim how Hawaii is s0000 sick, like choke brah shootz mahalo just pura vida 500 foot toobz aloha every day…buuuttt your parents were totally born on the mainland which you just hate so much…shocker :(
    Enjoy your free boardshorts while they last brahs!!

  • allthings

    For lolbro, you seem to be upset about something but not sure what? Please clarify

  • Blizz

    Boys boys boys, here’s the reality:

    There’s nothing inherently valuable about shredding hard. If all you’ve got to offer is surfing well, then be a contest warrior and get paid thru contest winnings.

    If you want to make a living not doing comps, you’re going to have to sell product: a la people thinking you’re cool.

    Making fun of retro dudes is funny if you can do backflips and surf Peahi. Unfortunately most of us are stoked on doing a cutback…which means you’re actually making fun of us…which makes us not like you

  • JohnTheHipster

    This is for meola and layer….do you think the world really cares what you guys think. If you dont want to leave your rock, then keep your opinion over there. All you guys are doing is waisting your brain energy on complaining and worrying what other people do, just fucking stop and get over it.

  • woodie

    These guys are fun to watch,looks like they’re having the most fun.[except that one Peahi pitched with the lipper]. Watching the contests, they don’t seem to have much fun. Charging the biggest waves and pulling the most radical moves will always be cool.”The best surfer doesn’t always win” said Occy at the Breaka Pro.

  • Cheyne McScrotumuclous

    Correct me if I’m wrong….but didn’t I already do this with Maui Fever?

  • Kevin James

    My two favorite surfers — who obviously know how to stitch an edit together. Can’t wait to check this show. Keep charing it, boys. And mind the anonymous web-haters; if they don’t feel strongly enough to stand behind their comment, then it don’t mean nothing.

  • Seamus

    Maui is being overrun by Stand Up Monkeys. HELP!!!

  • Dane zaun

    I wanna go on a trip and get a how to on airs with these guys!

  • Sven

    Blizz: what is “inherently valuable” about contest surfing? Surfing is inherently fun, but not inherently competitive, so you can inherently shut the hell up. You guys keep charging… we love watching it. It inspires our surfing, which is inherently what it’s all about.


  • ajw

    Fuck yea boys!!!
    Refreshing to see well rounded surfers! not really sure why people are negitive on here or really care what people do in theyre spare time? regardless… keep it up! very inspiring!!!! thx

  • stephen koehne

    these guys are classic

  • creds

    photo by madeline ziecker

  • Janet Millian

    They are fearless, talented, and creative surfers. If you knew them, you’d know that they are also hysterically funny as a team. Stay safe as you conquer the new frontier, paddling into “Jaws”. Love you guys!

  • JonMark

    This looks like the Bronze OZ in the Internet age. Different way to rise above the noise, but same concept: Make a name for yourself by ripping 1 to 30ft surf and categorizing the current crop of famous surfers, lame, and claim yourself to be the real deal.
    It looks like it’s working for these guys. They will probably be a lot of haters, but then again, those guys did it because they don’t like the “image of surfers” as it is.
    I just wish they had something a bit more substantial and substantiated to bring to the table, but that might be asking too much from some overgrown country boys.