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You Are Here, Nathan Myers

Matt Meola just keeps pulling money outta the sky. After winning Innersection’s $100k, he cashed the first two Surfline “Punt of the Month” checks (and was people’s choice for #3, but Surfline judges gave it to Mr. Slater) and now he’s on his way to the Mentawais for the Kustom Airstrike Challenge, where the world’s six hottest aerialists (Dion, Chippa, Albee, Callinan and One-John) will spend two weeks in the Mentawais competing for a $50,000 best air prize.

How’s this contest gonna work, anyway? Who’s judging and stuff?
I have no idea. I just know I go surf in the Mentawais for two weeks and whoever does the best air is gonna win $50k.

Fair enough? Think the vibe on the boat is gonna be competitive?
I think it’s gonna be mellow. Most of us are already friends, anyway. But we’re all looking for a certain type of wave, so it should be interesting. Not your typical Mentawai trip, for sure.

Do you have a secret weapon in your bag of aerial tricks?
I’m sure everyone has something up their sleeve they’re hoping to pull, but it’s gonna depend on the waves and the wind.

But what’s your dream air?
I’d like to land another good Hippy Flip (frontside back roll with a kerrupt grab), like I did for the Punt of the Month. Maybe get a bit higher on this one. But we’ll see. Sometimes I don’t even know what I’m gonna do until I do it.

What about your friend, Albee – what’s his secret weapon?
Albee’s been dreaming about over-rotating an alley-oop, so he lands past where he’s supposed to then continues the rotation out of it. That would be sick.

If you weren’t in the running, who would you put your money on to pull the best air?
John John. I think he’s the best surfer in the world right now.

What’s his secret weapon?
Being really good. Never falling. I did a trip with him recently and he started asking me about backflips. Next session out he tries one and lands it first attempt. I was like, slow down, buddy.

You just got a sneak peak of your section in Here & Now – what’d you think?
That was sick. I thought I was gonna be embarrassed because we got pretty small waves that day, but it actually came out rad. It’s cool how the movie shows even the guys who got bad waves. It’s more about how surfing really is. We don’t all get perfect waves all the time, unless you’re heading the Mentawais.

Well, I hope it’s onshore for you.  —Nathan Myers

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  • josh sleigh

    like what I am seeing now days. Everything us airshow guys worked hard at these guys are reaping. Kind of sucks though.. As if we got thrown out to pasture like a sick dawg by the media and ASP! F-ck em for that.. Time to be black and white and not rainbow bright! I don’t mean all the media though… But the ones that sold us out who put our hearts into this style surfing. If any of the young generation is reading this RAT Boy got pushed and beat then showed us a thing or two. :) McHenry,Rhineheart,Goose where ever you are Crimo ans myself are working on this still. So do some research to see some of us cats are not dead. Some of us have a tone of fire to spit and surf! RIP COONEY I miss your ass. You would be proud of your MAUI boys. Any sponsors read this I need some support. And this might be my only tool left to shout it out. Do your research and you’ll learn their was a group of us that made this shit real. And some of us still want to practice. BLACK and white type shit! Go show the world boys and your making us all proud!

  • woody

    Matt, Albee and John are the hottest thing going. John proving it on the CT. Matt and Albee on the internet. The real deal, not just industry hype

  • YepMan

    Yep, these boys are insane. Leading surfing into a new dimension. Respect to Sleigh and the other pioneers, as well… maybe a AirShow Masters Tour is in order (ha, just kidding). But good to see some other forms of surfing getting support from the industry. Maui leading the charge!

  • g

    On the home page blurb you say ATM machine, that’s redundant, ATM is an automatic teller machine, so that’s machine machine.

  • Brandon

    REALLY you don’t this guys NOT included? hes the freakin kickflip aerial MAGICIAN