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Hey, isn’t that Dave Beckham? Photo: Nathan Myers


You Are Here, Nathan Myers

“My goal is to be the David Beckham of surfing,” Reubyn Ash tells me. He’s got better teeth than most English, but I’m still not sure what he means. I don’t really watch soccer. Or, uh, football. But that’s just beginning of things I don’t understand.

Reubyn has a surfboard worth a million dollars. He’s just landed an aerial that no one’s ever seen. And he calls other European pros “bloody boring.”

“But don’t print that,” he tells me.

He’s drinking a Monster Energy drink. His eyes are bright and excited. Back in England he’s something of a nature boy. Local hippie. Save the whales. He writes off competitive surfing, but he’s also won every division of the UK tour and twice been European champion. Back in Cornwall, he’s kind of a big deal. But out in the rest of a world, well, as Reubyn puts it, “They couldn’t take a piss.” So Reubyn’s trying to find another means of accomplishing his goal. I dig deeper:

“Can I see your million-dollar surfboard?”


“How about just a picture of it.”

“Sorry, I can’t. I’m not supposed to ruin the surprise.”

“Okay. Well, what’s a million-dollar surfboard look like?”

“It’s got art on it.”


“You know, colors and shit. Innit.”

“What makes it worth a million dollars then?”

“The art was painted by Damien Hirst,” he says. “He’s pretty much the highest paid artist in the world right now. The guy writes his name with a pen that pen becomes worth a thousand quid.”

“What’s a quid?”


Not the million-dollar board. Photo: Nathan Myers


Reubyn says stuff like “innit” and “cup a tea.” He has “quids” in his pockets. He kinda sounds like Ali G., but maybe that’s because I don’t know any English surfers.

“So what is this maneuver you invented?” I ask.

“I can’t tell you,” he says.

Wow, this interview is really going nowhere.


SURFING: Who’s the second most famous freesurfer in Europe — after yourself?
Reubyn Ash: No one. There’s no one else doing this.

What do you mean by “the David Beckham of surfing?”
I want to be a household name in Europe. Surfing’s getting bigger than just the brands, and I think the high-performance stuff if what people want to see, innit? Beckham wasn’t necessarily the best surfer — he just had that one goal in the World Cup. The rest was just good marketing.

And you can accomplish that through freesurfing?
I do contests, too. But in Europe especially, it’s all just three turns to the beach. No one’s doing any tricks. But I did two comps last year.

But you won’t qualify for the tour doing two events?
I don’t want to qualify for the tour. Look how many amazing surfers have had to change their repertoire to satisfy the judges. They’re not doing rodeos on tour. It’s still just three to the beach.

What about the new judging format?
But it’s not really changed the now, has it? You know it hasn’t. Contest surfing is great is you want to make heaps of money. But I just want to be more innovative. That’s more my cup of tea.

You don’t want heaps of money?
I want to be successful doing things my own way. Guys like Tiago and Jeremy Flores, they’re great at surfing heats. They train. They’ve got a good mindset. But no one is popping in a video to watch them surf. They’re not doing anything like Julian or Jordy. But then in a heat those guys have to hold back. If you watch Dane paddle out for an hour-long freesurf, he’s going to blow your mind. But if you watch him surf a heat…well, he’ll probably still blow your mind, but he won’t make the heat.

So what do you do? Save the whales? Start a band? Pretend to be half-horse?
[chuckles] Yeah, to be a freesurf, you’ve got to have a niche. But I’ve got one. And that’s why I’m doing thing like this Damien Hirst board.

Have you actually surfed your million-dollar board?
I wish I could, but I can’t. We’re going to auction it off for charity. Raising money for Friends of the Earth Foundation.

So you are saving the dolphins. What are you gonna call your band?
Yeah, right.

Don’t you just want to find out surfing on a million dollars feels like?
I do, but how do you explain it if you snap it?


After much prodding, Reubyn tells me about his trick that no one’s ever pulled. But of course, I promised not to tell anyone else. He’s saving it up to make a big impression on next month’s Innersection and, I must say, it’s pretty impressive. In the meantime, watch this clip of a few of his recent waves and you’ll get an idea what he’s capable of. Pretty amazing, for a European. —Nathan Myers




Thanks to some keen commenters who directed us to the video of the “secret” trick in question (read more below) — the “Reubyo.” It’s a frontside rodeo. Imagine it without the whitewater rafting at the end and you’re sweet:



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  • Claude

    But seriously folks, what is the deal with British people?! They’ve got bad teeth, their money has funny names and they call soccer “football!?” Newsflash: That name is already taken!

    This article would SLAY at the Improv…in 1986.

  • D.

    ‘pretty amazing, for an european’ ???c’mom, if it was an australian or american u guys would be calling him the next dane reynolds

  • Jim

    While he is ahead of the curve in the progression of surfing, his foundation for power and using the rail was completely overlooked. Watch the vid. Not once did this kid do a proper turn. Not to mention he’s cocky as hell. Maybe he talks down the three to the beach because he can only do one to the beach.

    He’s amazing, for an irrelevant Englishman.

  • wock fuukka

    i was thinking worst thing ever till i saw the surfing… dude kiiillllzzz

  • KIMO

    Pretty amazing writing for an uneducated, American Seppo.

  • Jay

    Yeah, kid rips. English version of chippa, but not as good….No turns all airs and lanky. And D, he is no where near the next dane reynolds.

  • Jeff

    Didn’t go backside one time, not one solid turn only flicky rotations, but great in the air… I guess if Dion Fagius can make a career out of it then why can’t this guy?

  • brent

    i thought he had a few nice roundhouse cuttys,

  • Chris

    He’s good but he’s no one!
    You got cocky surfers like Bruce and Sunny but those guys are allowed to be cocky because of who they are and what they do. This guy is already talkin bad about other surfers like Jeremy Flores that’s not gonna make him any new friends very fast.

  • karie

    I live in Cornwall and can vouch for the fact he can surf on a rail and ride the tube but his ego and badmouth really does ruin the effect he was looking for with the clip. Be humble!!!

  • gool

    Jeremy Flores has no repertoire. That is a fact.
    Why would you need friends that surf like its 1999?
    Flores, Kling, Buchan, Knox…barely get above the lip.
    Less of them & more Reubyn.
    I will watch Martin Potter, Curren, Occy, Ross Williams footage if I want power.

  • Dudester

    Some pretty good airs in that vid, but, my god, such arm flapping bad style. Clean up the style & throw some more power into those turns & he would definitely turn more heads….

  • jimmy p

    hit the lip pussy

  • euro

    trust me, this guy is an underdog even in europe and NEVER the most famous freesurfer here. the most famous freesurfer would probably be benjamin sanchis( teahupoo charger and billabong xxl participant etc. …) i respect reubyn for his airs and doing progressive edge but to claim that there´s no other one freesurfing like him ( see first question) doesn´t help and will further the impression that he´s cocky…and god, he is cocky. his rail game is a joke and every gromsearch/ king of the groms participant surfs with more power and rail. so Reubyn, know your place in the business and step back

  • dirt

    Impressive because he’s from the uk, however here in oz we have guys that surf as good as that at nearly every beach and often with no stickers on their boards.

  • ghandi

    at least, he’s honest.

  • michael

    hahaha “pretty amazing for a european” that was funny.
    the final wave is that a backflip??! HShit

  • Jim Dandelion

    The best skimboarder in all of Europe!

  • clancy

    can he go right or do anything with power?

  • Nathan Myers

    First met Reubyn in the water, and the guy really does shred on a high level (just watch the video). But seriously: name your three favorite European freesurfers. That’s the point here.

    Hoping to see Reubyn make a splash with his Innersection this week, but we never really know till we see ’em.

  • Alli Bobo

    Nathan Meyers a photographer,writer, team manager, filmer, a all around douche bag.

  • Danga

    If you think this guy cant go backhand or do full rail turns then watch his extended vid see for yaself…this pom fkn shreds…

  • jeremy

    just like chippa no turns shit waves bla bla bla so boring. mix it up do a power turn. who cars about a million dollar surfboard, not what surfing is about.

  • Gresham Smith

    we should stop calling free surfers “Free surfers”, and contest surfers “surfers”. the ones that are free are the real surfers, the contest surfers are lame. now we are at a surfing civil war were free surfers are rebelling against competitive surfers. i like it brake out the logs and the alias, twin fins etc. were in it for fun and love, not to find out who can do the most tricks.
    sincerely, Rebells

  • gool

    When is the next Chas Smith article?

  • albee

    I’m not sure if he’s my favorite surfer or my least favorite… any way innersections s on haha

  • Ariel

    Okay tough guy, here they are:

    3.) Gony Zubizaretta – Not sure I’ve ever seen him surf, but does hands down the sickest airs of anyone on the planet (named Gony).

    2.) Carwyn Williams – Remember this guy? He was from Wales. Pretty cool.

    1.) Freddie Meadows – Never seen him surf either, but he’s from Sweden so I’m guessing he fucking rips.

    That was easy.

  • Jay

    *yawn* He won’t be the big guy to come out of europe, but the one after will. That surfer will cite him as inspiration/favorite surfer. Gotta prove shit before you claim, nuff said

  • Nathan Myers

    I like Ariel’s list, except that two of the three may not actually exist (well, one “not sure”) and the other long ago retired. So, it’s kinda proving my point.

    I’d be keen to see more from Meadows and Gony…but where are they? Well, that’s why we made Innersection. Bring it on. Looking forward to Ash and Albee’s section next week.

  • Gerhard

    I Love it when people shoot down others for being ambitious. What You afraid of? What if Reubyn Ash becomes the Daivd Beckham of surfing? How does that diminish any one of us in any way?

  • Tone

    David Beckham is a twat. Damien Hirst is irrelevant.

    Where does that leave Bude’s village idiot?

  • David

    he rips you should agree! He is regularly landing MASSIVE airs! All the top boys are doing this now.. He is coming across as very cocky but I feel that the interviewer had an opinion on the english right from the start and it has come across just as stong!! and the english invented football! they called it football!

  • Sven

    Gerhard, get out of here — you’re not allowed to be positive and insightful on the web. This is a place for our unchecked jealousy and rage, okay. Beat it, hippie.

  • gool

    any new photos of Chas Smith drinking wine?
    where is he?

  • gool

    i am homo.

  • How

    **********************NEW TRICK IS HERE*********************!–Content/3183/


  • FixmyLandie

    Reubyn IS cocky, but he also surfs better than the interviewer and all these commenters put together.
    Check this:

  • thatguy

    Pretty sure this is the trick he is talking about

  • bovice

    so what hes just rich enough to go on trips to indo all the time and actually get waves? fuck that

  • jim

    If this is the trick he’s working on, it just makes him seem like a worse human than he already seemed. He’s basically doing a frontside rodeo and named it after himself. Heinous. Even kerr regrets naming the kerrupt flip after himself.

    This guy needs to quit surfing, he comes off as a total piece of shit.

  • joss ash

    Its amazing . If you go find someone who’s knows Reubyn in person I think you will be surprised at what they have to say. This is typical of someone trying to hold him back. Nathan I have to say I am disappointed.

    Please everyone open your eyes just a little. but like they say all publicity is good publicity.

    Thanks for your time, Reub’s brother joss.

  • Dion

    This guy surfs sick. End of story.

  • No Air Haters

    I bet none of you can do an air or turn harder… Otherwise you’d have a sponsor and would be surfing now… So shut the fuck up and let the guy do his shit.. u haters! U surf better than the dude? so you’re allowed to talk shit.. you don’t? so keep it to yourself and go practice. Fuckers!

  • kiron jabour

    it doesnt count if u ride it out on your stomach like a dick dragger…. u cant call that frontside rodeo the reubyo…. and u cant invent something thats already been done

  • Sheen

    Dude rips. Cant wait to see his innersection

  • swaveanddeboner

    Anybody ever proofread these articles/interviews? God my poor eyes…

  • Hunter T

    I agree it’s a bit early to name it if you haven’t quite pulled it (Roobs premature epostulated). But I don’t know of anyone who’s done this air yet, Kiron. Do you? I think the rule stands that first guy to land it gets to name it (although, “frontside rodeo” would probably have been met with less hostility), innit.

  • Jay

    no air haters, there would never be critics in any sports if we went by that logic…So kindly shut the fuck up. Alot of guys can rip like this and are unsponsored, its sad he can’t let his surfing do the talking and has to market himself with a million dollar board. Nuff said.

  • harty

    wow. hes deffo made himself sound like a twat thats for sure, the whole reason people notice him is the fact hes english/european its his niche in my eyes coz there are a lot of people doing what hes doing in oz/usa/brazil. BUT you cant say he doesnt rip at what he does. and look at how many peoples attention he has grabbed. must be that clever marketing he was going on about. BRAVE!!

  • Brazzo 4 Life

    If this is Euro standard for shreddings then B4L is moving to Europe. At my homebreak, Brazzo groms are pulling airs with more style 6 months after they starts surfing. Let Reuben do trip down here and run his mouth. He won’t last more than a day.

    Brazzo 4 Life

  • Swaziland

    It’s sick to see someone calling it like he sees it. Surfers are such whitebread pussies afraid to speak their minds. Rubin is just saying what he thinks, and surfing how he likes it. Oh, and getting a board painted by Damien Hirst (that part, i admit, is a little wierd).

  • Jeff Jenkins

    The man is right. Most European surfers are boring to watch. I’m certainly not waiting for the next Jeremy Flores profile film. Still, not sure if auctioning off fancypants art boards is a much better solution. Land that air, and let your surfing do the talking.

    Nice interview. Never heard of this bloke before…but seems like I should have.

  • Seth Srader

    Nice interview, glad to find someone interesting to watch for.

  • prince harry

    David Beckham was at the wedding today, didn’t see Reubyn though……….

  • jake

    good at airs yeah ! but more so complete cornish bumpkin ! aka fucking tit !!!!

  • bobsyourmothersbrother

    the guy tears in standard waves but where are the clips of europes best freesurfer charging the death pits of ireland(pretty close to the UK no?) and the rest of the world like fergal smith et al,i’m not100% but i don’t think the guy has even been to hawaii yet?
    last time i was in lakeys the local guys fucking hated this guy for his big mouth and attitude(they loved his bro joss though), no thing as bad publicity though i guess.
    some of the groms around the world piss on the guy,just saying.

  • osmosisjoe

    boring article , 2 out of 2 articles I have read from Nathan Myers one has been boring the other full of fiction,

    This seems to be a bit of fabricated drama for marketing sake, but then damien hirst has done well from being a cock so maybe he can too

  • steve

    Yeah the guy rips, no question but is he really worth the £32K a year plus add ons that Billabong pay him?? I’d say no, no one outside the uk has ever heard of him! His reputation amongst other brit pro’s is something along the lines of what most people have written here – they think he’s a bigheaded prick. If Alan Stokes was to devote all his time to landing airs, in my opinion he’d be better at them than reubyn and would be a lot more gracious about it. But he doesnt – he just surfs because he enjoys it not because he wants to be famous. Ruebyn – grow up and get a real job.

  • Noddy (Bude)

    Whilst I agree the interview’s not particularly well written or makes Reubs look ‘good’ the guy does his talking in the water. He’s an inspiration to grins round here in an area that there’s not much in the way of employment other than the tourism business.

    Finally to the haters spitting such vitriol about how crap Reubs is and how good you are, the guy gets paid to go to Indo, gets provided his boards suits etc etc. I’d bet my last ‘quid’ any of you dream of a life like that.

  • Ed

    Truly bizarre interview. The ridiculous generalisation that all Brits have bad teeth?!

    Reubyn is a big fish in a very small pond here in Cornwall (and the UK). We get a few Ozzies and South AFricans come over here that are better than the local British boys. The only reason the foreigners are in the UK is because they suck in their own ponds and get plenty of media coverage in local mags.

  • goon

    he aint gonna be like beckham cos he’s an ugly c**t,and a miserable c**t…goon

  • missy d

    wow…at first i thot this guy is on the same level as Taj and Jordy and sum super pros… coz of his talk and all u kno… but then reading ur comments… err… so i just wanna say…

    “Reubyn Ash….ur cute…good luck and sure you got the ‘it’, but just be a lil bit more modest and sure everyones gonna be lookin up to you, man… best of luck..”

  • Jason Lunn

    Having read all the comments I had to say my piece, I know Reubyn well and he is a punk the surfs more waves in one hour than most people do in a whole week in the sea. Ruebyn grew up riding a skateboard this makes him a skateboarder, if you know anything about skateboarding as a culture, it is full of real people, with real passion, big hearts that take all their lines to the next progressive level against the grain of society their parents, their peers and friends. Reubyn is a skater, surfs like a skater, thinks creatively like a skater, walks his talk and sticks his middle finger up to authority and all the self appointed judges that exist in and out of contests. Bottom line is people like Reubyn will change the direction of things that people try and set in stone, surfing is all about soul and Reubyn has more soul than all the surfers playing the media game and competing with each other. Reubyn is competing with himself and no one else, The only control he wants is self control, not many people will understand where Reubyn is coming from and going to, simply because they have never been there or will ever have the skills to go where he is heading. They are called general public or observers watching life like a crowd at a football match, or big brother on the TV. Ruebyn is a player. and knows how to play hard and will paddle round you on a wafer thin 5’10 board in any size swell and take set after set off you and your friends practicing a new move. In the water compared to nearly all surfers Ruebyn is top of the food chain, if you can out paddle him to a wave and take off deeper and make the section he will graciously let you have it. But the truth is you can not and nor can your local heroes. Anybody that has spent as much time in the freezing cold water in the UK in winter perfecting turns and airs since they were a child would understand where Ruebyn is coming from with respect and awe. Reubyn can dig his rail in as deep as any tired overweight ageing surfer that is too stiff mentally and physically to rotate upside down above a barreling lip and still land upright..Reubyn said it to me once “I wish surfers would stop going on about barrels, whats the big deal? you are just going down the wave in a straight line,.. fuck they need to step it up a bit” Well Reubyn can go as deep as anyone in a barrel and cut his rail in as deep as anyone on the exit, where he differs is he can consistently get air, twist, turn and flip backside, frontside, upside and down, land then ride away. All inbetween the wet rails and tunnel vision of the ageing surf community that surf only on weekends and takes yearly trips to Indo.. Kooks only exist in surfing. it is not a term used in skateboarding, The reason for this is surfing is absolutely full of kooks for sure, Skateboarding is full of arrogant, outspoken creative, misunderstood, punk ass young men with their middle finger up to all who are too scared to try anything new. Bottom line, Reubyn Ash is closer to one of them than one of you…


    The guys trying Joe Crimo’s shrink wrap. Common Surfing Mag! You guys either need to do some research or get called out. By the way why dont you start doing where are they at now with the boys who put progressive surfing on the map from the Vans Smas air shows?? People deserve to know who put this style surfing on the map.

  • the_waddam

    Hey make sure you septics dont miss your appointments to get your teeth straightened and whitened….. i hear ‘guys’ in california are getting tit implants now too, makes me wonder though, how do implant tits onto a tit?

  • dingbat

    fuck, that read was so irritating.

  • Ado

    at least he`s got enough confidence to put himself out there to be shot at, trying to make headway in your career is difficult no matter what your trade, trying something different sets you aside from your competition. i,m not an advocate of any publicity is good publicity but the more people who recognise the name and the associated sponsors then Reubyns fulfilling his side of the deal. if he wasn,t worth it he,d have no sponsors.
    iv,e known Reubyn since he first stood on a board, and he,s one of the most driven people i know.can surf a bit too.

    Are they going to find Rob Machado when they shave off Osama Bin Ladens hair?

  • bro fest

    Joe Crimo? no one cares.
    Haha….. the Lowers crew that went nowhere in life.
    Get a beer for the bros and wear all black clothes: San Clemente hard core trolls.

  • missy d

    oh i wud like to add sumthin here…. to the post sayin nathan myers a douche, and writes boring articles..

    just so u know, i think most of his pieces are brilliant n yes, i do luv readin them.

    just sayin’ =)

  • Christian

    This is not just one of the worst pieces of sports journalism i’ve ever read but the worst journalism i’ve ever read, awful misspelling and sounds like it was written by a four year old.
    Strange how American Football is derived from football, was created as a professional sport decades after football and centuries after it’s creation, just because it’s American doesn’t mean it’s never existed before, classic yank head up their own arse thinking.
    The intro is unashamedly anti English and i’m not surprised Reubs has come across as a twat when the slant was always on knocking him and his homeland, it wouldn’t surprise me if the author turned up with a t shirt saying ‘the english are all c**ts’
    It’s a shame that Reubs is being judged as a person on a poor, blinkered piece of journalism, judge him on his surfing as that’s the only thing unbias in this article.

  • bobsyourmothersbrother

    i for one wouldn’t buy a surf dvd if this guy had a section in it,simple as that.

  • Bob’s English Teacher

    Hey Bob I wouldn’t bother either, save your money for a keyboard with a shift key…

  • lenny g

    judging a book by its cover. look at some of these comments v.personal and seems as if they are coming from close sources. I’ve known Reubs for ages and never met a person who has said a bad word about him but here since you are anon its ridiculous.
    “bobsyourmothersbrother” clearly very jealous, who are these people. they need to get a life fast!!!


  • barry metor

    kid rips. forum sucks. Wish i could surf like him and so do all the green eyed monsters by the looks of it.

  • Jason Lunn

    It appears to the trained adult eye here that, every respectful intelligent comment on this article has been left by a person with a real name and all the disrespectful, ignorant, negative & critical comments have been left by people hiding behind some retarded comical internet pseudonym, Why? because they do not have the balls to stand up personally behind what they say in public..Truth is: if Ruebyn, or myself to that matter, met you in the sea and heard you talk we would say to your face, excuse me you are a fu**ing idiot, if we met you on land we would say, “excuse me but, your a fu**ing idiot”, straight to your face looking you in the eyes…So it appears to me, if you are not going to stand up and be counted, what you say, well, quite simply….. doesn’t count…

  • missy d

    luv to agree to that Jason Lunn =)

  • andy

    very troubled , good surfer, stop smoking dope its doing u harm.dont dis others . stay clean for a while….

  • chokemoke

    jonny boy gomes pulled one of those airs back in the 80s, and never did one again because its a boogie boarding move.
    come charge a real barrel.

  • Tim C

    OK, I read this piece yesterday, and it annoyed the hell out of me. Re-read it today though, and I have to admit that I kind of like where he’s coming from and I’m pretty sure that a lot of it was said/written with tongue placed firmly in cheek.

    I’d heard his name before, but didn’t know what he surfed like…fair play, the fella has got some serious talent, double fair play for getting international coverage and recognition, and triple fair play for being able to make a good living from free surfing!

  • jim

    What does it mean to you to be a surfer Ruebyn? You say you are a freesurfer..FREE. And yet you have no respect for others. You need to be more like your main british competition Fergal Smith. Now there is a FREEsurfer. He is a humble charcter with good intent and charges harder than anything I’ve seen you do “mate”. I would to see a REAL interveiw on that guy.

  • jon crotch

    i smell a wet fish

  • Ned Needleman

    Hey Jim: SURFING just did an interview on Fergal. Why are Fergal and Reubyn in competition if they’re both FREEsurfing. You know, I think that’s just a term by the way, to separate contest guys from non-contest guys. Doesn’t necessarily mean they can’t make a living being a pro. Why so eggy on Reubs? What harm does it do you?

  • Margaret Simpson-Thatcher

    Ned, “eggy” is the stupidest malapropism ever. Down with Calbonics.

  • jim

    Wow need you must now nothing about progression. Everyone knows that to be succesful you must have some sort of competition. Theres is who gets the most coverage in Europe. At the moment I do beleive Fergal Smith is winning. Reubyn is an amzing surfer but needs to be more humbel .. balance his surfing with his personality if you will.

  • Alex Jameson

    Jim/others: do you know Reubyn Ash personally?. Because I have read a load of his previous interviews he has made and he has come across as the mellowest humble guy who’s just having fun. Worth doing a little bit of research before making judgement of someone on 1 source of infomation??
    Good on him for representing his country along with the likes of Fergal and Tom Lowe. Keep it up lads.

  • george p

    how anyone can say reubs isnt a good surfer is beyond me!? people who say he should be ”charging barrels” and conforming to the way surfing “should be” is complete BS. surfing is about being different and always has been. standing out from the norm and reubyn certainly does that. from what i know reubyn was cocky as a youngster but he comes from a small place and surfed good so his whole town worshipped him and it’s pretty hard not to get bigheaded as a youngster like that. nowadays he seems to be pretty screwed on, he is making a career and when ever i do bump into him he’s very mellow and a nice guy to chat to. he seems to be obsessed with surfing and anyone who judges him off this crap bias interview is a mug because the interviewer has twisted it to sound as if reubyn is a dick. on the “beckham” front i think that it’s cool he is stating things like that, if you dont have goals then you have nowhere to go. all the bad comments are from people who are VERY jealous and VERY ignorant. reubyn rips and he’s living the dream. surfing has no right or wrong. if its nice to watch and feels good to him, then he’s doing it right.. no?!
    essay finished..

  • Crippy

    The written word is often a terrible way of getting an idea what a person is like, I’m from NZ and was lucky enough to be working in Reubyn’s home town on the beach for a couple of summers and he is a nice guy and quite humble. However surfing is his passion and his life and he is not afraid to let people know that.
    Whether it was 2foot slop or 8foot heaving he was out there and tearing it to shreads. I have seen him get heaving barrels feet away from some serious rocks and come out to throw down some of the craziest airs I have ever seen.
    Don’t judge people by what you read meet them talk to them then you might get an idea of what they are like(unless they are a murderer might be best not to meet too many of them) he brother is a decent surfer as well.
    I say keep up the innovative surfing Reubs.

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  • anon

    Reubyn didn’t say any of this..
    Very funny to who ever edited and tried to make look like someone he isnt.

  • Roy Stuart