A Personal Note to Dan Malloy

posted by / Blogs / April 28, 2010

If you happen to see Dan, please let him know

Shipsterns YWG Vol. 1

posted by / Blogs, Photo / April 22, 2010

Photo and Caption by Kelly Slater.

June Issue Wallpaper 2010

posted by / Blogs, Photo / April 18, 2010

Get it while it’s hot!

That’s Bullshit! The Double-Grab Saga Continues

posted by / Blogs, JimmyCane, That's Bullshit / April 14, 2010

When will it ever end?

Visit to RaimanaWorld

posted by / Blogs / April 13, 2010

The mayor of Tahiti lives large. Checking in after what Raimana van Bastolaer calls “the biggest wave ever at Teahupo’o.”

Drinking with Ando

posted by / Blogs / April 11, 2010

Another pointless moment in the life of the surfing’s next too-famous freesurfer.

Tony Larson Arts up the Surfboard Game

posted by / Art, Blogs / April 8, 2010

How do you make surfboards look cool again? Hire a skateboarder, or course.

Bad Waves and Good Times in Torquay

posted by / JimmyCane, News, That's Bullshit / April 7, 2010

Poor-quality surf can’t keep a Jimmicane down

Clay Marzo’s Solo Session

posted by / Blogs, News / April 4, 2010

Rolling Stone’s new article calls him The Surfing Savant. We call him Clay.

Knowing Dillon

posted by / Editorial / April 1, 2010

Dillon Perillo — Rip Curl’s newest addition to its stacked team — is from Malibu, has a hot girlfriend and feels like a grandpa. Know him.

Core Score | Rap in Roll

posted by / Blogs, Video / March 26, 2010

Rap in roll.

Nate Tyler Hates Curry

posted by / Editorial / March 24, 2010

And you would too! Yuck!

Core Score | Felling

posted by / Blogs / March 24, 2010


May Issue Wallpaper

posted by / Blogs, Photo / March 23, 2010


A Message From Your Enviro-Leader

posted by / Editorial / March 22, 2010

We asked Surfrider Foundation CEO Jim Moriarty to pick just one issue that surfers MUST care about

Western Australia Makes Me Crazy!

posted by / Editorial / March 20, 2010

Insanity tickles my mind when I can’t drink decent cocktails

Offshore Oil: Not the Answer

posted by / Blogs, Editorial / March 20, 2010

As meetings and hearings crawl, individuals must sprint to action

An Unloved Wave

posted by / Editorial / March 19, 2010

Sometimes the ugly sister becomes a supermodel. Sometimes she doesn’t.

Core Score | Running Down Hill

posted by / Blogs / March 19, 2010

Running Down Hill

One Morning in the Charmed Life of Craig Anderson

posted by / Editorial / March 18, 2010

Craig Anderson is so charming. And charmed. The best!

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