SURFING Magazine Google Earth Reader Challenge

posted by / Magazine / June 23, 2006

Here’s how it works: Download (if you haven’t already) the GoogleEarth satellite imaging program from and use it to

July 2006: Return to Shark Park and a whole lot more

posted by / Magazine / June 1, 2006

Check out SURFING’s new July 2006 issue. The newest issue includes: Return to Shark Park California’s newest super-wave goes bionic

JUNE 2006 : Celebrating 30 years of pro surfing and a whole lot more

posted by / Magazine / April 20, 2006

Check out SURFING’s new June 2006 issue, celebrating 30 years of pro surfing and a whole lot more Including: TRIP

April ’06: Diaries From The Volcom House

posted by / Magazine / February 24, 2006

Editor’s Note: Over the past five years, no surfing household’s gotten more attention than the Volcom House. Raging parties. Zero-tolerance

March ’06: Seven Days With Surfer Dane Reynolds

posted by / Magazine / February 14, 2006

Dane Reynolds can’t hold back. It’s all just flowing, without hesitation, and I’m only retaining snippets of it without a

March ’06: International Noise Conspiracy

posted by / Magazine / February 2, 2006

Politics aren’t fun. They don’t have much to do with blaring rock ‘n’ roll, dancing on barricades, unquenchable pelvic thrusting

February ’06: Nev Hyman’s Next Big Thing

posted by / Magazine / December 27, 2005

With over 30 years of shaping experience under his belt, Gold Coast shaper Nev Hyman has been involved with virtually

February ’06: Found In Translation – Deciphering Taiwan’s Endless Surf Potential

posted by / Magazine / December 23, 2005

Joe and Peter have a Sunset flashback at “Thrunters”I can see him coming from a mile away — it’s pretty

January ’06: This Is My Board

posted by / Magazine / December 22, 2005

Now more than ever, the ultimate shaping machine is no machine. It’s a living creature. A strange beast of evolution

January ’06: SURFING Magazine’s 2005 Shaper Of The Year; Bill ‘Stretch’ Riedel

posted by / Magazine / November 22, 2005

Gifted surfboard shapers can’t bank on much more than their own creativity. Think about it: there are hundreds — maybe

2005 OP Newport Classic Enter To Win

posted by / Magazine / November 22, 2005


2005 Cold Water Classic Enter To Win

posted by / Magazine / November 22, 2005


December ’05: Switchfoot, Curren And Machado Cut Tracks In Mex

posted by / Magazine / November 7, 2005

“Do-do-do—do—do—do-do.” Tom Curren, head down, hands cupped over his mouth, tries to sound out the bass line. “So, ladies leave

Switchfoot, Curren And Machado Jam In Mainland Mex

posted by / Magazine / October 27, 2005

____________________________________________________________________________CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD ALL FOUR TRACKS! (Zip File) Never done this before? Need some help? Here’s what you do:

2005 Explorations Giveaway

posted by / Magazine / September 30, 2005

November ’05: Camp Hobgood – Making The Grade

posted by / Magazine / September 29, 2005

As a special supplement to Surfing Magazine’s 2005 Camp Hobgood article, we offer up the 8 report cards that {{{CJ}}}

October ’05 – The Needles: The Extended Interview

posted by / Magazine / August 24, 2005

The Who. The Ramones. The Clash. The Sex Pistols. History shows that when a band slaps “the” on the front

October ’05 – Surfers Of Fortune: Quiksilver’s Young Guns 2

posted by / Magazine / August 23, 2005

Kelly Slater and the Young Guns elevate surf charters to a whole new level aboard the Indies Trader IVNot an

The GromSearch Giveaway

posted by / Magazine / August 10, 2005

Click Here To Enter

September ’05 – It’s Raining Ten; Kelly Slater Interview

posted by / Magazine / July 26, 2005

Slater achieves perfection at the Billabong Pro Teahupo’o and the Globe WCT FijiKelly’s celebratory Fosters at TahitiOne wave. That’s all

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