Me, Myself And Bob

posted by / News / April 14, 2009

There was no shortage of surfers in the Atlantic City Convention Center on April 6. While the hearing over how

Wright Stuff

posted by / News / April 13, 2009

Owen Wright Conditions: What we came forEvents Held: Mens Round 2 Heats 1-12Nature’s Call: Flopey: fast yet slopey, an adjective


posted by / News / April 13, 2009

We love our magazines. But the world of print is changing every day. And between blogs, websites, online videos and

Silvana Lima Wins The 2009 Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach

posted by / News / April 12, 2009

Conditions: Inconsistent, Coco Ho-high, offshore until it wasn’tEvents Held: Women’s Quarters through to the finishNature’s Call: I am a writer,

Fitness Tips With Peggy Hall

posted by / News / April 11, 2009

Kelly Slater mixes his own winning formula Don’t Drink and Surf Well, I may not be too popular here with

Bede’s Blog

posted by / News / April 11, 2009

Hey everybody Great to be back blogging in 2009…sorry, for the slow start to the year. The first ASP World

Lay Day At The Rip Curl Pro

posted by / News / April 10, 2009

Conditions: 1-3 feet and clean, but too small for heatsEvents Held: Nada thingNature’s Call: Warm out today. Warm yesterday. Even

What Went Wrong?

posted by / News / April 8, 2009

Another Copper medal, another booby prize for the PacSun USA Surf Team. What was supposed to be our squad’s breakthrough

2009 Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach Day 2

posted by / News / April 8, 2009

Chelsea Hedges Conditions: 2-3 feet, lazy but funEvents Held: Women’s Round 1Nature’s Call: In parts of the Great Lakes region,

2009 Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach: Day 1

posted by / News / April 7, 2009

Conditions: Head-high with some 8-foot…I guess they’re facesEvents Held: Mens Round 1Nature’s Call: Does this outfit make me look fat?Prediction:

Shell Game?

posted by / News / April 6, 2009

“I think it’s fantastic that we, the citizens, have the opportunity to speak directly to you.” That was Surfrider North

Blog Wars

posted by / News / April 6, 2009

Damo squeezes in a few turns between blog posts Blogs are lame. It’s like leaving your diary out for everyone

What We’re Fighting For

posted by / News / April 6, 2009

How many t-shirts you got? 10? 50? {{{100}}}? Even if you had a 1000, it wouldn’t be enough to scrawl

Aussie Don’t Give Up

posted by / News / April 5, 2009

Conditions: 3-4 foot and rippableEvents Held: FinalsNature’s Call: Best waves ever at an ISA juniors eventPredictions: Big things for all

Margaret River Madness

posted by / News / April 5, 2009

Conditions: 2 to 4 to 6 to 8 foot open ocean peaks.Nature’s Call: Watch me sort the men from the

Hot In Here

posted by / News / April 3, 2009

Kolohe Andino Conditions: 3-4 foot Events Held: Mostly repechage todayNature’s Call: Smaller tomorrow but could be good on SundayPredictions: Anyone’s

Bikes And Cameras Rolling

posted by / News / April 3, 2009

The Lovers’ Land trip blends surfing with the riding of motorcycles, which isn’t quite the springsuit-and-gloves combination it may seem.

Invasion of The Session Snatchers

posted by / News / April 3, 2009

If you were a Domino’s delivery boy, and you knew the pizza was going to be free if you didn’t

Calling All Douchebags

posted by / News / April 2, 2009

Rich? Selfish? Feel like you own the beach? Good. We need your help. I like the word ‘douchebag.’ In a

Big Waves and Drama at the 2009 Quiksilver ISA World Juniors

posted by / News / April 1, 2009

Conditions: 6-8 footEvents Held: Too many different divisions and rounds to countNature’s Call: Smaller tomorrow but solid again for the