Oakley Pro Junior Kicks Off In Classic Main Beach Peaks

posted by / News / February 4, 2009

AUSTRALIA’S richest domestic junior surfing event exploded to life at North Stradbroke Island today, with round one of the prestigious […]

Oakley Pro Junior Hits North Stradbroke

posted by / News / February 3, 2009

QUEENSLANDERS will get their second dose of professional surfing action in as many weeks, with the island wave haven of […]

Stephanie Gilmore Turns 21

posted by / News / February 3, 2009

Two-time ASP Women’s World Champion Stephanie Gilmore (Snapper Rocks, AUS) has put last Saturday nights 21st celebration behind her to […]

Surfing Blog: My Other Board Is A Prius

posted by / News / February 2, 2009

Full disclosure: I wasn’t at ASR. Condolences to anyone who was. The physical wounds heal quickly, sure – calloused hands […]

Google Ocean?

posted by / News / February 2, 2009

There’s no doubt Google Earth has revolutionized surf travel. For proof, all you need to see are the results from […]

Tearing Down The House With Taj Burrow

posted by / News / February 2, 2009


SURFING Blog: Rising From The Ashes

posted by / News / February 2, 2009

If you’re starting a prog-metal band and you want to take the title of this post as your name, that’s […]

On The Road With Modern Collective

posted by / News / January 30, 2009

For those of you who don’t know, Modern Collective is a film project by Kai Neville –– the guy who […]

Bustin’ A Move Or Three

posted by / News / January 29, 2009

{{{Rabbit}}} Bartholomew has had a hell of a week. First came the Australian release of Bustin’ Down The Door, then […]

ASP President Retires

posted by / News / January 28, 2009

After 10 years of service as President of ASP International, Wayne “{{{Rabbit}}}” Bartholomew (AUS), 54, will be stepping down from […]

Do YOU Know How To SURF?

posted by / News / January 28, 2009

So you’ve tried surf schools. Practiced pop ups on the beach. Even bought three-time world champ Andy Irons’ instructional video […]

SURFING Blog: Iron Gym – Part 2

posted by / News / January 28, 2009

Just this morning, Surfing’s editorial #2 Travis Ferre told me he’s never been in a gym ever, not once in […]

Kustom Air Strike Week In Review

posted by / News / January 27, 2009

This week’s Kustom Airstrike launch of the week is Mitch Coleborn’s trippy-flippy rodeo thingy that he stuck a while ago […]

On A Rail: Europe Trailer

posted by / News / January 26, 2009

For more info visit: www.onarail.com and www.tarproductions.com

Bring Back Kirra

posted by / News / January 26, 2009

Each year on the 26th of January, Aussies celebrate the anniversary of the arrival of the first shiploads of murderers, […]

Owen Wright Wins The Hurley Burleigh Pro Junior

posted by / News / January 26, 2009

Australian surfer Owen Wright (Lennox Head, NSW) has began the 2009 ASP Australasian Pro Junior Series in perfect style, taking […]

Get Nutz

posted by / News / January 22, 2009

Standard surf videos — if you haven’t heard — are going the way of George Bush politics. But our craving […]

2009 ASP Top 45 Set

posted by / News / January 22, 2009

The 2009 ASP World Tour is set to commence in just over a month, and the ASP Top 45 is […]

Demo Day At The Wave House

posted by / News / January 22, 2009

What if you could pick the Formula One car of your dreams and take it out for a test drive […]

Brett Simpson and Team Hurley Win The 2009 RC’s Katin ProAm team Challenge

posted by / News / January 21, 2009

CONDITIONS: 6-foot bullets on the north side of the Huntington Beach Pier. HEATS HELD: Round 2 all the way to […]