Under Ceej

posted by / News / October 21, 2008

Twelve years ago, he was part of the last American world team to take home the gold. This year, with

WQS Update With Al Hunt

posted by / News / October 20, 2008

Join the official ASP Newsletter HERE. Congratulations to Nic Muscroft (AUS) and Jano Belo (BRA) for their wins in the

Gold Rush

posted by / News / October 20, 2008

ASP World Tour number six, C.J. Hobgood blazed to victory in an Australia heavy final at the International Surfing Association

On The Road With Mikala Jones

posted by / News / October 18, 2008

The air and water temps are dropping, the NW swells are starting to fire up and rock running is coming

The Giving Tree

posted by / News / October 17, 2008

To 19-year-old pro surfer, Kekoa Cazimero, the ‘Aloha {{{Spirit}}}’ is giving without expecting anything in return. It’s in this sentiment

One Track Mind Premiere on Facebook

posted by / News / October 16, 2008

One Track Mind from director Chris Malloy and Woodshed Films will premiere for 48 hours exclusively on Facebook Film. Chris

Electric Giveaway – Download the Free iphone App

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posted by / News / October 15, 2008

Did you know that 40 percent of visitors to Mundaka are surfers? And that visiting surfers inject more than $4.5

Vote The Environment In Montauk

posted by / News / October 14, 2008

Patagonia, the environmentally-friendly clothing company, is asking you to elect an environmentally-friendly president. The message was clear this past Saturday

Catching Up With Nathaniel Curran

posted by / News / October 14, 2008

Nathaniel Curran has strung together one of the most consistent seasons on the Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) World Qualifying

The Wild Bunch

posted by / News / October 13, 2008

Splashing in the pool amidst a fierce game of sharks and minnow, up-and-coming US surfer Jason Harris suddenly proposes a

2008 Oakley Pro Junior Global Challenge Championships Day 1

posted by / News / October 9, 2008

After two lay days, the $75,000 Oakley Pro Junior Global Challenge Championships kicked off with the official “blessing of the

On A Rail: Part 1

posted by / News / October 8, 2008

There are six of us crammed into one train car. Our cabin looks as if we went off the rails

Surfing Con Man Strikes Again

posted by / News / October 7, 2008

Just over a year ago, we published a story about a con man calling around and impersonating various pros. He’d

WQS Update With Al Hunt

posted by / News / October 6, 2008

Unless you have been in a coma the past week, then you already know that Kelly has won his historic

CJ Hobgood Wins The 2008 Billabong Pro Mundaka

posted by / News / October 4, 2008

Former ASP World Surfing Champion C.J. Hobgood (USA) defeated Joel Parkinson (Gold Coast, AUS) in three-foot (one metre) barrelling waves

Kelly Slater Wins The 2008 ASP Mens World Title

posted by / News / October 2, 2008

K9, Nine lives, Revolution #9, call it what you want, Kelly Slater is a 9-time ASP world champion. He stayed

2008 Billabong Pro Mundaka Day 2

posted by / News / October 2, 2008

His name is Txaber Trojaola. That’s pronounced CHA-bear Tro-how-la. I learned that today from beach commentator Nuno Jonet who knows

Switchfoot Of The Century

posted by / News / October 2, 2008

Think Kelly’s nine-shot’s the biggest news in surfing? Well think again. As Mr Slater wakes up to yet another record

Nick Knows

posted by / News / October 1, 2008

Rupp: dropping into his fourth ESA Easterns title. When 2008 ESA Junior Men’s Nick Rupp says he got lucky in