Clean-up Set Part I

posted by / Photos / December 7, 2007

Mother Nature is finally getting moody again. It’s been a while since she’s shown us her true fiery potential, so

RVCA Art Show: Matt Gordon

posted by / Photos / December 7, 2007

Matt Gordon who is currently living in Northville, Michigan was named one of the six “New Generation” Detroit artists by

Quiksilver In Memory of Eddie Aikau

posted by / Photos / November 30, 2007

The Eddie Ceremony always manages to conjure a certain level of North Shore magic. Kahu Billy Mitchell’s soulful homily and

North Shore 07/08: Lightbox 11.29.07

posted by / Photos / November 28, 2007

Finally, the North Shore is actually starting to look like the North Shore and things are looking up. This past

North Shore 07/08: Lightbox 11.22.07

posted by / Photos / November 21, 2007

In between intense rainsqualls, wacky wind and late night debauchery, the North Shore has had it’s share of bright moments

Nixon Art Mosh 07

posted by / Photos / November 20, 2007

The Nixon Art Mosh is a rotating art installation open for one evening of fun featuring the artwork from local

RVCA VASF: “Family Tree” Opening Party

posted by / Photos / November 16, 2007

The most anticipated and exciting project to be introduced to the RVCA program in 2007 is RVCA Retail. In September

North Shore 07/08: Lightbox 11.15.07

posted by / Photos / November 15, 2007

It was a busy day on the North Shore. Haleiwa local girl Megan Abubo won the Reef Hawaiian Pro. Log

Up Close & Personal In Brazil: Mick Fanning World Title Celebration

posted by / Photos / November 7, 2007

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Officially Searchified

posted by / Photos / November 4, 2007

You could see it in little Koa Smith’s full, grab-rail power carve. It was clear in 10-year-old Kanoa Igarashi’s man

Up Close & Personal In Brazil: Day 1 At The 2007 Hang Loose Pro

posted by / Photos / November 4, 2007

Late Delivery – Tahiti Goes off!

posted by / Photos / November 1, 2007

Trick or treat. The day after Halloween, after Tahitians just came to grips with one of the worst seasons in

California on Fire

posted by / Photos / October 23, 2007

We know we are in a state of emergency. We salute the thousands of firefighters, working around the clock and

Surfing for Peace Gallery

posted by / Photos / October 23, 2007

There is a war going on. And we’re not just talking about the one in the Middle East. In our

etnies GvR Event Gallery

posted by / Photos / October 22, 2007

We’re sure it’s no surprise to you that the regularfoots (and SURFING Magazine) proved its dominance once again when it

Iceland: Sipping Ain’t Easy

posted by / Photos / October 17, 2007

READ THE FULL STORY HERE You need to upgrade your Flash Player Taylor Steele is hunkered down beneath a pile

2007 Billabong Pro Mundaka Photo Gallery

posted by / Photos / October 15, 2007

Follow the Light Night

posted by / Photos / October 11, 2007

New York-based photographer Matthew Clark was announced as the recipient of this year’s ${{{5000}}} Follow the Light Foundation grant last

Shelter from the Storm

posted by / Photos / October 10, 2007

After all day driving in the ice, crossing glaciers in our vastly inadequate two-wheel-drive mini-van; after surfing in the snow

The Rob Machado Surf Experience

posted by / Photos / October 8, 2007

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