Your Weekend Should Sound Like This

posted by / Sounds, Your Weekend Should Sound Like This / July 9, 2010

Conner Coffin tunes you into his channel: punk.

Your Weekend Should Sound Like This

posted by / Sounds, Your Weekend Should Sound Like This / July 2, 2010

“Go for it and don’t back down.” Timmy Curran kickstarts your weekend.

Your Weekend Should Sound Like This

posted by / Sounds / June 11, 2010

Luke Davis puts down some choice tunes for your 60 hours of freedom

Surfer Blood

posted by / Sounds / April 23, 2010

We’ve fallen victim to the indie-pop hook before. Hummed that serenading melody. Taken shelter in those candid lyrics. And just

The Antlers

posted by / Sounds / January 21, 2010

Some albums are better as a whole. The Antlers’ new release Hospice is one of them. It’s a cinematic dreamscape

The Entrance Band

posted by / Sounds / January 4, 2010

Imagine we could go back. Let’s say 1968. The word “psychedelic” still has meaning. Surfers are outcasts. Music matters. Revolutions

The Donkeys

posted by / Sounds / December 2, 2009

Imagine a little garage around 3 a.m. Drab lighting and some leftover fast food. There’s a pot of coffee in

The Fresh and Onlys

posted by / Sounds / November 9, 2009

A typical day for Fresh and Onlys guitarist Shayde Sartin would be violent sensory overload for most people. His walk


posted by / Sounds / September 9, 2009

This should get your attention: abrasive and intrusive sounds dripping with sweat like an all-night industrial dance-off. “It really just

White Denim

posted by / Sounds / July 24, 2009

Somewhere right now, White Denim is squeezed into a dimly lit club or dive bar or Italian restaurant in London

Thee Oh Sees

posted by / Sounds / July 3, 2009

SURFING SOUNDS: THEE OH SEES There are rainbow sounds coming from the dark corner of a dangerous dive bar. Garage


posted by / Sounds / May 26, 2009

Squalling guitars and rambunctious fits of drumming are the kindling to Tim Casher’s lyrical inferno in Cursive’s sixth studio album,

Mattson 2

posted by / Sounds / May 26, 2009

They’re best with a glass of cheap red in a warm, smoky lounge. Or soaking in those final minutes of


posted by / Sounds / May 26, 2009

It lands somewhere between a pissed off Minus the Bear and a caged up Botch. “I’d say we play intricate

The Dutchess and the Duke

posted by / Sounds / May 26, 2009

Course, scratchy and beautiful. “I would call it heavy folk or loner folk,” explains lead vocalist Jesse Zortz of their

Grand Ole Party

posted by / Sounds / May 26, 2009

You can’t pack much more raw soul or sex appeal into one album. From the moment lead singer (and drummer)

Neva Dinova

posted by / Sounds / March 10, 2009

It’s gentle like a dark bar just before nightfall. Quiet and cozy but with the subtle stench of spilt whiskey


posted by / Sounds / November 14, 2008

SURFING MAGAZINE: HOW DID EARTHLESS COME TOGETHER? Mario Rubalcaba: Well, we’re all from the Encinitas area so we met there.

The Drowning Men

posted by / Sounds / November 10, 2008



posted by / Sounds / September 3, 2008

Individually, Bret Keoni Bollinger, Kaleo’okalani Wassman, Remy Ryan De Rochment and Yesod Anton Williams are four guys who grew up

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