Neva Dinova

posted by / Sounds / March 10, 2009

It’s gentle like a dark bar just before nightfall. Quiet and cozy but with the subtle stench of spilt whiskey


posted by / Sounds / November 14, 2008

SURFING MAGAZINE: HOW DID EARTHLESS COME TOGETHER? Mario Rubalcaba: Well, we’re all from the Encinitas area so we met there.

The Drowning Men

posted by / Sounds / November 10, 2008



posted by / Sounds / September 3, 2008

Individually, Bret Keoni Bollinger, Kaleo’okalani Wassman, Remy Ryan De Rochment and Yesod Anton Williams are four guys who grew up

ASP Top 17 Dish on What’s In Their Headphones

posted by / Sounds / August 26, 2008

You’ve seen them on webcasts, in photos and videos, pre-amping, bobbing their heads, psyching up and so on, but what

Russian Circles

posted by / Sounds / August 25, 2008

SURFING Magazine: How did you get this lineup together? DAVE TRUNCRANTZ: Mike (guitar) and I played in a punk band

Cut Copy

posted by / Sounds / July 10, 2008

SURFING MAGAZINE: HOW DID CUT COPY GET STARTED? TIM HOEY: We were all friends for a while and had been

Matt Costa

posted by / Sounds / May 15, 2008

Think Jack Johnson with a whiskey sour, Or Conner Oburst after a Prozac overdose. Cruisy jams you’ll connect best with

Delta Spirt

posted by / Sounds / April 24, 2008

Four of the five members of San Diego’s old soul, blues-rock band, Delta {{{Spirit}}},used to play drums in other bands.


posted by / Sounds / April 24, 2008

SURFING MAGAZINE: how do you guys create your sound?Aaron Hemphill: Well, we all make and write songs by ourselves on

Jake Shimabukuro

posted by / Sounds / February 28, 2008

You’ve never heard a ukulele player like Jake Shimabukuro. Or maybe you have. At last count, the view total for

Splinta and the Sabotage Sound System

posted by / Sounds / February 25, 2008

The Big island band Pepper has enjoyed nationwide success over the past few years, touring the country, building a loyal

State Radio

posted by / Sounds / January 29, 2008

Download the free track “Unfortunates” hereGet “Year Of The Crow” on iTunes Watch the “Gang Of Thieves” video on youtube.comOfficial

Daredevil Jane

posted by / Sounds / January 15, 2008

Hoards of manic groupies and a whiskey-spitting drummer. Gunning guitar riffs and wailing anthems of life-shortening rock and roll ––

These Arms Are Snakes

posted by / Sounds / January 6, 2008

We wish you could see them live. It’s a sweaty, energetic and often-bloody ode to ‘70’s stage demons like Iggy

The Beautiful Girls

posted by / Sounds / November 15, 2007

Former SURFING “Sounds” band The Beautiful Girls are back with a new album. Last time we spoke with them, they

Timmy Curran Download

posted by / Sounds / September 11, 2007

Click here to download the entire albumOr, download track by trackDaylight’s Coming Download mp3Comatose Download mp3Selfish Ways Download mp3Moving On

Bert Susanka

posted by / Sounds / September 4, 2007

”I light my cigarette and I think How Bert Susanka made me drink.Load the box, and I pump that shit.It’s

Rocco Deluca and the Burden

posted by / Sounds / June 1, 2007

Rocco DeLuca howls like a human tuning fork, bending notes that would make Jeff Buckley play air-guitar in his grave.

Timmy Curran

posted by / Sounds / April 5, 2007

Well, it’s finally done. You read about Ventura aerial maestro Timmy Curran recording his first full-length album in the May

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