Russian Circles

posted by / Sounds / August 25, 2008

SURFING Magazine: How did you get this lineup together? DAVE TRUNCRANTZ: Mike (guitar) and I played in a punk band […]

Cut Copy

posted by / Sounds / July 10, 2008

SURFING MAGAZINE: HOW DID CUT COPY GET STARTED? TIM HOEY: We were all friends for a while and had been […]

Matt Costa

posted by / Sounds / May 15, 2008

Think Jack Johnson with a whiskey sour, Or Conner Oburst after a Prozac overdose. Cruisy jams you’ll connect best with […]

Delta Spirt

posted by / Sounds / April 24, 2008

Four of the five members of San Diego’s old soul, blues-rock band, Delta {{{Spirit}}},used to play drums in other bands. […]


posted by / Sounds / April 24, 2008

SURFING MAGAZINE: how do you guys create your sound?Aaron Hemphill: Well, we all make and write songs by ourselves on […]

Jake Shimabukuro

posted by / Sounds / February 28, 2008

You’ve never heard a ukulele player like Jake Shimabukuro. Or maybe you have. At last count, the view total for […]

Splinta and the Sabotage Sound System

posted by / Sounds / February 25, 2008

The Big island band Pepper has enjoyed nationwide success over the past few years, touring the country, building a loyal […]

State Radio

posted by / Sounds / January 29, 2008

Download the free track “Unfortunates” hereGet “Year Of The Crow” on iTunes Watch the “Gang Of Thieves” video on youtube.comOfficial […]

Daredevil Jane

posted by / Sounds / January 15, 2008

Hoards of manic groupies and a whiskey-spitting drummer. Gunning guitar riffs and wailing anthems of life-shortening rock and roll –– […]

These Arms Are Snakes

posted by / Sounds / January 6, 2008

We wish you could see them live. It’s a sweaty, energetic and often-bloody ode to ‘70’s stage demons like Iggy […]

The Beautiful Girls

posted by / Sounds / November 15, 2007

Former SURFING “Sounds” band The Beautiful Girls are back with a new album. Last time we spoke with them, they […]

Timmy Curran Download

posted by / Sounds / September 11, 2007

Click here to download the entire albumOr, download track by trackDaylight’s Coming Download mp3Comatose Download mp3Selfish Ways Download mp3Moving On […]

Bert Susanka

posted by / Sounds / September 4, 2007

”I light my cigarette and I think How Bert Susanka made me drink.Load the box, and I pump that shit.It’s […]

Rocco Deluca and the Burden

posted by / Sounds / June 1, 2007

Rocco DeLuca howls like a human tuning fork, bending notes that would make Jeff Buckley play air-guitar in his grave. […]

Timmy Curran

posted by / Sounds / April 5, 2007

Well, it’s finally done. You read about Ventura aerial maestro Timmy Curran recording his first full-length album in the May […]

SURFING Music Blog: Music is for free

posted by / Sounds / February 27, 2007

Music is for free – or, at least it should be. This month, the SURFING Music blog takes you to […]

Kelly Slater interviews Citizen Cope; Citizen Cope interviews Kelly Slater

posted by / Sounds / February 21, 2007

The cool kids are into Cope. Bono digs his stuff. The Boss is down. Dave Matthews wants him to open […]

Minus the Bear

posted by / Sounds / January 25, 2007

Minus the Bear’s MySpace page says their sound is like this: tick tick tick, tick-tick tick tick. And that’s really […]

SURFING Mag Music Blog

posted by / Sounds / January 24, 2007

Welcome to the first edition of SURFING Magazine’s Music Blog. This is not the place where we get all souly […]


posted by / Sounds / October 6, 2006

Sparta’s bombing guitars and passionately empathetic vocals collide like a thunderclap. Recorded in an abandoned warehouse among the dusty streets […]

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