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Top 12 Summer Trends: Shop Now

posted by / Swim / April 12, 2012

bikini birdTrends as seen in the Annual Swimsuit Issue

With special shopping codes

Stylist Conor Graham

posted by / Swim / April 10, 2012

bikini birdMeet veteran stylist Ms. Conor Graham

The 2012 Surfing Magazine Swimsuit Issue was Conor’s third year as the project’s stylist

Keepin’ it Clean

posted by / Swim / March 30, 2012

bikini birdWith summer right around the corner, swimsuits season is upon us

Tips and tricks from Lisa Dorian on extending the life of your prize posessions

Teeki Kinis | Good & Green

posted by / Swim / March 23, 2012

bikini birdBuilding a brand with eco-friendly materials, Teeki materials are derived from plastic bottles

Swimsuit Issue 2012

posted by / Swim / March 16, 2012

Our annual issue of bikinis and beauties is on sale April 3. Excited? We are.

Here are 47 sexy seconds to whet your appetite

Designers of Shimmi Swimwear Share Some Secrets

posted by / Swim / March 16, 2012

bikini birdIt’s their “obsessions of the moment”

…And they can’t live without them

The Trade Collective: Tavik Swimwear & Pac Sun Collaboration

posted by / Swim / March 6, 2012

bikini birdNicole Hanriot launches a new collection from Tavik

Summer fashionistas be on alert

Happy Valentines Day! Featuring Lisa Dorian

posted by / Swim / February 14, 2012

bikini birdShe’s got quite the sense of style and a flourishing child’s bikini line

Inspiration Board | We Are Handsome

posted by / Swim / February 12, 2012

bikini birdUnique and dramatic print from their Romantic Collection

Our 10 Sunglass Favs

posted by / Swim / February 3, 2012

bikini birdBeach, pool, town, here are some of our favorite everyday sunnies.

Happy Australia Day

posted by / Swim / January 27, 2012

bikini birdIn honor of Australia Day January 26th, we rounded up of some of our favorite Australian swimwear and beach lifestyle brands. Cheers to Australia!

Trending: Zig Zag

posted by / Swim / January 23, 2012

bikini birdWe can’t help but love a good zig-zag…it’s fun, edgy and looks great on everyone.

Billabong’s Design Director Mandy Robinson | Fijian Getaway

posted by / Swim / January 13, 2012

bikini birdAlthough she’s busy keeping Billabong as one of the leaders for style and design, Mandy Robinson (Billabong’s Design Director) had a chance to fill us in on her Tavi essentials.

Volcom Spring 2012 Swim Fashion Show

posted by / Swim / January 9, 2012

Beautiful women in wigs… and swimwear

All in a color palette that stretches across the spectrum

Drifting Arrows | Travel Without Destination

posted by / Swim / January 9, 2012

bikini birdCatching up with Leah Lawrence, designer/founder of Drifting Arrows Swimwear

Made by Dawn Swimwear

posted by / Swim / January 3, 2012

bikini birdAfter inheriting a sewing machine from her grandmother, she was inspired to create.

A bikini line was born

Words with Sybil Steele

posted by / Swim / December 26, 2011

bikini birdShe never thought she’d be doing photography as a profession

With a talented videographer like her husband, Taylor, how couldn’t capturing special moments not be?

Billabong Girls // Maldives // 17:38

posted by / Swim, Video / December 21, 2011

The girls vacation to the island of the Maldives

Sun rays, crystal clear water and great company. Life is beautiful in swimsuits!

Oracle Fox + Billabong

posted by / Swim / December 21, 2011

Artist and fashion brand collaborate for their 2012 line

Two Mandys make a right. The line is stellar

S A Y U L I T A by Salt Swimwear designer Layla Pakzad

posted by / Swim / December 16, 2011

bikini birdBikini Birds and friends flocked to Sayulita for relaxation and design inspiration

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