Tasmanian Tunnels From Within

posted by / Video / December 1, 2010

Marti Paradisis uses his GoPro to give this east Tas slab its regular colonoscopy

The North Shore’s Longest Wave

posted by / Video / December 1, 2010

…doesn’t even move. Ripping the rivermouth during this damn dirty flat spell

Ozzie Wright Paints Craig Anderson + An Electric Rainbow

posted by / Video / November 30, 2010

Ozzie & Craig collaborate with all the colors of the rainbow for “Things That Are Dead,” a multimedia exploration of the amazing

Who is J.O.B. Trailer

posted by / Video / November 30, 2010

A few quick snippets of Jamie’s newest signature film. A taste of the batter before the cake. Enjoy.

North Shore Underground: The Mikey Episode

posted by / Video / November 29, 2010

From a lanai overlooking Pipeline, Mikey Bruneau lays down the realities of a surf paycheck lost — and a new career just beginning

Second Helpings of Pipeline

posted by / Video / November 28, 2010

That classic mid-November swell served up so many tunnels that we’re still enjoying the leftovers. Video from Pete Hodgson

Young Wise Tails Episode 5

posted by / Video / November 24, 2010

The bare necessities

Parko’s Win in Four Minutes or Less

posted by / Video / November 23, 2010

A video tour through Joel’s comeback win at the Reef Hawaiian Pro

North Shore Underground: Pipeline Video // Mikey, Sion & Friends

posted by / Video / November 23, 2010

The epic Pipe swell last week didn’t go unnoticed by the Vans x SURFING NSU team

Joel Parkinson Surfs Because…

posted by / Video / November 23, 2010

…someone has to make winning look easy

North Shore Underground: The Sion Episode

posted by / Video / November 23, 2010

The boys talk up Sion Milosky — then Sion backs their words with action, at Pipe and beyond

Alana Blanchard Qualifies

posted by / Video / November 21, 2010

For the World Tour, and our hearts. A video montage of Alana’s year

Pipe From Two Angles

posted by / Video / November 20, 2010

Footage of last week’s swell (11/15-11/17) from Pete Hodgson/GoPro

Dirty Harry Teaser

posted by / Video / November 19, 2010

The title’s a ruse; Jason Harris has style that’s polished clean

Kelly Slater Claims Ten

posted by / Video / November 7, 2010

Highlights from a historical day of surfing

Remembering Searches Past

posted by / Editorial, Video / October 21, 2010

In the lead-up to Puerto Rico, Rip Curl guides us on a video history of the Search event. Gorgeous

Young Wise Tails Episode 4: Bali

posted by / Video / October 20, 2010

With a handy guide to the best moments from this seven-minute masterpiece

Tip 2 Tip Chapter 8

posted by / Video / October 18, 2010

Frankie Oberholzer and Tom Curren revisit the search—this time with Tom’s kids Frank and Patrick

Tip 2 Tip Chapter 7

posted by / Video / October 14, 2010

Alex and Koa Smith and Stu Kennedy search for more Indonesian perfection

Tip 2 Tip Chapter 6

posted by / Video / October 7, 2010

The Search continues. Dean, Dillon and Bruno score. Again.

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