E5 Liquid Mesh: This mesh/smoothy provides 25% more stretch without compromising durability. The mesh absorbs solar heat and reduces wind chill. E5 Flash Lining Tape: 25% more stretch, faster drying time, and lighter weight for the ultimate seam seal. E5 Flsh Lining: 25% more stretch, lower profile and lighter. Two engineered layers that funnel water rapidly out of the suit. 

Rip Curl

Flashbomb Plus


The all new FlashBomb Plus is the Ultimate coldwater performance wetsuit. This suit features 100% E5 Flash lining, which boldly boasts a 25% increase in stretch to the prior year. Also new is a refined entry/exit pattern which makes this suit easier to get in and out of than a chest zip. Other amazing features are a super stretch liquid mesh chest and back, E5 Flash lining tape, and 3/4 Aquaban Plus taping.


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Full suit



Price (Thickness)

499.99 (3/2)

Price (Thickness)

519.99 (4/3)