Furnace Carbon X


This suit has unmatched value, offering the finest neoprene on the market: The AX1 Superflex neoprene. The internal jersey has carbon woven into the bottom layer, which offers unparalleled warmth and flexibility due to carbon being stronger, lighter, and warmer than all other thermal materials on the market. Heats up quicker and stays warmer longer. Only offered in Zipperless Entry Construction. BOA closure ensures the most advanced, watertight, and adjustable system to date.


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Price (Thickness)

389.95 (2/2)

Price (Thickness)

399.95 (3/2)

Price (Thickness)

409.95 (4/3)

Price (Thickness)

414.95 (4/3 Hooded)

Price (Thickness)

419.95 (5/4 hooded)