Warm Flight Far Infrared: A thermal lining using mineral enriched fibers to insulate and retain body heat. F'n Lite Neoprene: A 16% lighter neoprene made with more air cells to increase warmth and decrease weight. Red Seal Seam: Thin, ultra light seam sealant gives a water-tight reinforcement without sacrificing flexibility and weight. 


Highline 2X Bonded Chest Zip


The Highline 2X Bonded is developed around ultimate warmth. Lined on the inside with Quiksilver’s Warm Flight Far Infrared thermal lining technology, the far Infrared technology insulates and retains body heat longer than ever before. It’s our warmest, fastest drying, thermal lining to date. Plio-Tech Air Chamber chest and back panels trap body heat for additional warmth retention around the core body. Our F’N Lite neoprene used in the arms is our lightest, most stretchy, neoprene available for ultimate flexibility.

Website: quiksilver.com

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Full suit



Price (Thickness)

430.00 (5.5/5.4 hooded)

Price (Thickness)

415.00 (4.5/4)

Price (Thickness)

400.00 (3.5/3)