Infrared Technology: Traps the Sun's rays to retain heat. Evoflex Taped Seams: Exceptionally low coefficient of friction and an extraordinary degree of elongation. Slant Zip: High performance top entry, designed to maximize flexibility and warmth. 

Body Glove

Red Cell Men’s Full suit


The warmest fullsuit on the market, The Red Cell utilizes the most advanced stretch materials, and the all new Heat Retention System (HRS), which pushes wetsuit technology so you can spend more hours in the water. Special smart fiber infrared technology magnifies and retains body heat, advanced stretch materials including Evoflex, Microbead, and Liquid Weld make this the most comfortable wetsuit ever.


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Full suit



Price (Thickness)

479.00 (3/2)

Price (Thickness)

489.99 (4/3)

Price (Thickness)

499.99 (5/4/3)