Girl In A Shirt Video: Olivia Jordan

posted by / Girl in a Shirt / August 8, 2014

This is Olivia Jordan and she is an absolute sweetheart. In this video, we invite you to shower with Olivia, and then hang out in a green SUPERbrand shirt with Olivia. And, more specifically, we invite you to fall in love. See this photo gallery to get another fix of the lovely Miss ‘Liv.

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  • tony

    Well, I guess I will not be signing up for a subscription to Surfing Mag. Beautiful girl, but this art form is not much related to surfing in my opinion. Not interested in introducing my son to an art that could be considered a bridge to porn. This sport has so much more to offer. I will confess that I am not an angle though :)

  • Andrew

    Ya but its awesome