Happy Ending: Ain’t Climbing

posted by / Happy Ending / May 30, 2014

Dennis Dewitt Bali, IndonesiaHappy ending. Dennis Dewitt, Bali. Photo: Scotty Hammonds

The notion is as old as civilization.

If something is high, people are going to want to climb it. People want to fight their way through careers and social lives and arrive at the apex of it all. It’s why penthouses sit at the summit of buildings and why people still die scaling Mount Everest. We inherently want to be up top. But for what? There’s no good answer.

Here’s Dennis Dewitt, very far from the top in Bali. And he’s getting barreled. Meanwhile, any assholes climbing that mountain are burning like jaffles in the cruel Indonesian sun and risking a molten lava bath.

So much for upward toil.


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  • Brian

    who wrote this. why are you an a-hole just because you like to climb a mountain

  • A Mountain Climbing Asshole…

    Because half the writers here are complete fucking morons is why.

  • sean

    the man on top of the mountain just found a left slab on the other side of the peninsula with nobody out, not even a sponger

    those willing to climb to the top are able to have a better perspective of the bottom

  • Jon

    I feel dumber for reading this garbage. Who hires these writers and how does surfingmag stay afloat?