Happy Ending: Clay’s Little Secret

posted by / Happy Ending / June 6, 2014

Clay Marzo. Photo: Brent BielmannClay Marzo. Photo: Brent Bielmann

Clay Marzo is a mystery.

From his ascent to stardom, to his becoming the man with the tail throw that everybody needed to have, to autism, obesity and beyond, there’s just no telling with Clay. Never has been, never will be. His road twists and turns and it’s impossible to know what lies ahead, let alone what’s around the next curve. Hell, it’s hard to even tell what’s behind the rock in this photo. Could it be a weathered, Cuban version of Ernest Hemingway trolling for a big catch? Maybe that that ’80s rock band, Poison, reunited and still really bad at music? Worst case scenario it’s Kevin Bacon.

It’s probably just another section of that wave as it fades into a shoulder. But with Clay, you can’t be so sure.

Look for a profile on Clay in an upcoming issue of SURFING Magazine.

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  • Mik

    I’m definitely a Clay fan. And want to see him surf all the best waves of the world. Especially J-Bay. Just to put his talent in perspective…