Happy Ending: Disappear

posted by / Happy Ending / June 27, 2014

unkown_kanduitrip_brentbielmann0201Nate Behl. Photo: Brent Bielmann

Have you ever heard of a homebody?

You know, the people who never leave. The ones who stay in their comfort zone, seek safety in their bubble. They could be born, live and die in the exact same town and never even make it past Key West. Homebodies. Don’t be one.

Instead, be like Nate Behl. Nate’s a young man who calls Jupiter, Florida home. And for the past few months, Nate’s been wandering around Indonesia. Getting barreled. Laying rail. Maybe even eating mushrooms and trying to charm some snakes. Who knows?

Nobody in Jupiter, FL. That’s for sure.

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  • MV

    fuck working.

  • Bobby

    Ya well where you going to get the money ..mabe mama and daddy…punk

  • MV

    haha punk.. i work M-F 4 a.m. start, and still surf everyday. do you have more than half your annual in your savings account? for your sake, i’d hope so.

    like i said, fuck working.

  • Great American Yogurt Catapult

    Once saw a snake with diamond for teeth. Booyaaaa

  • RED

    kid rips and worked hard for months to go on that trip….keep it up Nate Dog, livin the dream!

  • Greg Behl

    How mum and dad are supplying the funds, the kid worked his butt off and paid it himself. Sincerely, his Mom and Pop Behl

  • Greg Behl

    He worked his butt off to go there, it did not come from his mum or dad…he made it happen on his own.

  • Brandon Murray

    Homie crushing it out there.. yea nate daawwwgggg!! Tell em @gregbehl:disqus ! Don’t be hating on the grom just because yall don’t have a steady enough income to make it out to Indonesia yourself, Pretty lame to talk shit about a kid who’s chasing his dreams..and not to mention worked his ass off to make it there..

  • Criper

    It looks like Nate’s hard work paid a good dividend,As for the smart ass he can surf circles around you in his sleep i am sure.

  • MV

    lol assumptions + the internet = ignorant comments like this.

    no one said anything about Nate..

  • MV

    attention Behl family/friends, read before you assume:

    I (my names Casey) said “fuck working” because im tired working. Then
    Bobby replied to me talking about mommy and daddy. This was my reply to
    Bobby’s reply, assuming that I (not Nate) mooch of mommy and daddy. NO

  • Greg Behl


  • Jeff Barden

    yea nasty nate!