Happy Ending: Hope

posted by / Happy Ending / May 23, 2014

Kobi Clements Happy Ending, Kobi Clements. Photo: Andrew Christie

People often worry about the future.

The bad news is that this fear is justifiable, because the modern world is a terrifying place. Never-ending wars. Global warming. Gluten free bagels. Governments that are too powerful and civil enthusiasm that’s too petty. There’s a swiftly spreading inferno of people who’d prefer to drool and scroll through parody Instagram accounts rather than have a conversation with a live human being. And to top it all off, all the kids want to do is an air reverse — no respect for power surfing, at all. It’s hard to tell if we’re collectively crawling towards an apocalypse or reeling that doomsday closer to us.

But there’s hope. Here’s Kobi Clements. He’s 9, he’s the future. And while Kobi may not be able to increase the population of the critically endangered Western Lowland Gorilla or figure out Kim Jong-un, he can do one hell of a rail carve. 9-years-old and sharp like a machete! Kobi Clements is saving the world.

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  • Kori

    We shouldn’t go around saying “I hope”. Despair should be avoided. We should replace “I hope” with …”I wonder”

  • John

    Like I wonder if the American people would do something about Obama’s terrorist Drone campaign. Killing in the name of US democracy.

  • Turbot

    Better them than YOU!!