Happy Ending: Sprung

posted by / Happy Ending / March 21, 2014

Happy Ending: Mitch Crews. Photo: Corey WilsonMitch Crews, sprung. Photo: Corey Wilson

Smell that? It’s the aroma of daffodils. The scent of a minty post-rain breeze. The whiff of the first cool squirt from a brand new can of Coppertone spray-on sunscreen. It’s the smell of spring.

When I was a schoolboy growing up on New Jersey’s shore (you may have seen MTV’s documentary on the place), teachers used to have a little aphorism about the month of March. “March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb,” they’d say. They were right. March did come in like a lion. It was ferocious, cruel. Blizzards and shit, you know? And then it would go out like a lamb. Peaceful, sweet. Sunshine.

Spring has sprung and March is starting to nod off. Soon enough, it’ll be summer. It’ll be boardshorts. Long muggy nights and even longer, sometimes muggier, mornings. And stubby little surfboards in stubby little waves, but who cares because it’s summer.

Mary had a little lamb. She probably had a bikini on too. —Brendan Buckley

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  • Bill

    I love it when surf Magazines talk about the Jersey Shore! There is nothing better than being at the shore on those muggy nights and muggy mornings, getting to ride your beach cruiser all around. Nothing can beat our state’s beaches, there’s just nothing like it. Thanks for getting me in the mood now.

  • ^^^^^^^^^^hey u

    Why don’t u blow up the spot bill and make the jerzee shore a shittier kookathon than it already is

  • Gronk

    Too bad the photo was taken in Oz where it is currently autumn