Easy Breezy Andy: Andy wins the OP Pro Hawaii with a Kelly-like cool, while Taj takes second with an Andy-like intensity.

posted by / News / November 21, 2006

EVENTS HELD: Round of 32 all the way to the final. CONDITIONS: Slightly choppy, 2-3 foot rights and leftsNATURE’S CALL: […]

Right on Track: The swell finally fills in and the right at Haleiwa makes a triumphant return on Monday

posted by / News / November 21, 2006

EVENTS HELD MONDAY: Heats 9-16 of the round of 96 and all of Mens Round of 64 CONDITIONS: 3-4 foot […]

DO YOU FEEL LUCKY? Tiny Conditions level the playing field Sunday for the OP Pro Hawaii.

posted by / News / November 19, 2006

EVENTS HELD SATURDAY: Round of 128 and Heats 1-9 of Round of 96. CONDITIONS: 1-2 foot dribble while the rest […]

An Avalanche Hits the Op Pro Hawaii

posted by / News / November 18, 2006

EVENTS HELD SATURDAY: Round of 160 and Round of 144 CONDITIONS: Flat out front, bunny slopes at {{{Avalanche}}}NATURE’S CALL: Haleiwa […]


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North Shore Live Lightbox

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With the North Shore not exactly firing on all cylinders, you’d think it would be difficult to come up with […]

‘I’m so Happy’: Sophia Mulanovich wins the Op Pro Hawaii Womens title at Haleiwa and now leads the Vans Triple Crown.

posted by / News / November 17, 2006

EVENTS HELD THURSDAY: Womens Round 2 until the Final. CONDITIONS: 2 foot lefts and rights with on and off side […]

TSUNAMI BOMBS: Not even an 8.1 earthquake off the coast of Japan can rile up the North Shore

posted by / News / November 16, 2006

EVENTS HELD: Womens Trials, and Round 1 of the OP Pro Hawaii and {{{Vans}}} Triple CrownCONDITIONS: 2-3 foot double dribbles […]

SURFING PHOTO UNIT: Portfolio Series with Kenny Hurtado

posted by / Photos / November 13, 2006

Check out more in the LightBox   LightBox: Saving Chile with Jesse Faen One of the world’s best stretches of […]

Op North Shore Makahiki Festival Rocks Haleiwa on Second Day

posted by / News / November 12, 2006

The {{{Vans}}} Triple Crown of Surfing Series officially begins today, however an unseasonal flat spell has surfers and organizers opting […]

Nixon’s Art Mosh

posted by / Photos / November 8, 2006

Encinitas was treated to a night of culture this past Saturday as Nixon threw their first of a series of […]

Fanning Wins Nova Schin Festival; Moves to World No. 2

posted by / News / November 8, 2006

Australian Mick Fanning has rocketed to world No. 2 on the Foster’s ASP World Tour ratings with an emphatic win […]

Evan Valiere Wins 2006 Xcel Pro Presented by No Fear

posted by / Photos / November 7, 2006

Hawaii’s own Evan Valiere has won the 2006 Xcel Pro Presented by No Fear, overcoming a 132-man field and three […]

Little Giants: The 2006 Rip Curl GromSearch National Finals Score at Salt Creek

posted by / Photos / November 6, 2006

The WCT in miniature. That’s the best way to describe Saturday’s Rip Curl Grom Search National finals. Monstrous scaffolding. Post […]

“The Mountain and the Wave” Book Launch Party

posted by / Photos / November 6, 2006

Quiksilver announced that the much anticipated 320-page, full color book “The Mountain & the Wave, The Quiksilver Story” will be […]

The Beautiful Girls Interview

posted by / News / November 1, 2006

Bands hate it when you ask them to categorize their music — especially if they’re anything like The Beautiful Girls. […]

Day 2 Completed at the 2006 Xcel Pro Presented by No Fear

posted by / Photos / October 31, 2006

Day 2 Completed at the 2006 Xcel Pro Presented by No Fear Shane Beschen Barrels 9.57 for Best Wave Today […]

Sweet Liberia with Dan Malloy

posted by / Photos / October 31, 2006

December 06: Back To Basics

posted by / Magazine / October 30, 2006

Check out SURFING’s new December `06 Back to Basics issue. The newest issue includes: BACK TO BASICS Less is more, […]

The Freddy P Project Interrogation Premiere: Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina

posted by / News / October 30, 2006

Whiskey shots, a guaranteed lay and underage girls sporting clothes oozing with sexual innuendos were on tap this past Thursday […]