Interview: Albee Layer

posted by / Blogs, interview / August 7, 2013

15 minutes before he left, big Al found treasure in the Dungeon

A chat and a sequence from his South African paddle-in masterpiece

Sounds: The Shinning Twins

posted by / interview, Magazine / March 22, 2012

These girls are unconventional in every way possible

See them live and you’ll know what we’re talking about

Surf Training Trend Explained

posted by / interview, News / March 11, 2010

Straight from a Men’s Fitness model, sort of.

Under the Cover with Granger Larsen

posted by / interview / February 3, 2010

Granger Larsen is a name you’ve heard before.

My Humble Abode with Dion Agius

posted by / interview, Photo / February 2, 2010

Dion Agius gives us a tour of his North Bondi bohemian bat cave.

Walking on Water. With sharks.

posted by / interview / November 6, 2009

Young Geiselman’s first introduction to the real Santa Cruz local By Matt Skenazy Eric Geiselman’s Shark Encounter from Cavin Brothers

Boards By Droid

posted by / interview / November 3, 2009

Andrew Doheny goes all Slater on us Andrew Doheny, 17, is the latest surfer/shaper hybrid to shred on his own

A Moment Amoung The Famous

posted by / interview / October 2, 2009

Encounters with Rob Machado and MGMT By Travis Ferré This is weird. It’s 2:00 p.m. on Friday afternoon in New

Benny Banks Another

posted by / interview / September 21, 2009

Bourgeois adds WRV Outer Banks Pro victory to his recent Belmar win Interview by: Matt Walker Photo by: Matt Lusk

Breaking Down “Surfing 50 States”

posted by / interview / September 15, 2009

It’s safe to say everyone has watched a movie or read a book that gave them the itch to travel

Lewis Samuels Speaks

posted by / interview / September 9, 2009

Industry-flogging shock-blogger calls it quits — SURFING finds out why. Interview by: Nathan Myers SURFING MAGAZINE: What prompted you to

Breaking Down A Pleasant Surprise

posted by / interview / September 8, 2009

SURFING catches up with the crew behind New Jersey’s first-ever 16mm surf film, “A Pleasant Surprise”. Interview by: Matt Bauer