Andy Irons (1978 – 2010)

posted by / Lightbox / November 19, 2010

This is how we’ll remember Andy

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  • tina

    that was just beautiful – thank you :) rest easy Andy

  • Jerome Peacock

    Nice. Thanks Sherm and ya’ll at Surfing. Peace on, Andy.

  • shane dorian

    andy would be pumped on the way you guys laid this out. great job.

  • Donovan

    Truly awe inspiring! It’s hard to believe we’ll never see a surfer who draws the same beautiful lines on a wave that Andy Irons did. It’s like losing a great musician or artist; he placed his surfboard in situations that make us all wish we surfed like him. A legend amongst the greatest. RIP Andy Irons – Your surfing lives on for all in images like these.

  • joe strickland

    what a beautiful life.
    Andy will truly be missed.

  • raimana van bastolaer

    all of you at surfing, good job , really love the lay out( like shano) and will miss AI a lot and RIP brother. love you guys, RAIMANAWORLD

  • Mik

    The ultimate power-style-master. Gone. Mythological. “Those who are dead, are not dead, they’re just living in my head”—Coldplay. That one jokes me up nowadays… Many thanks Travis, Sherm, et al @ SURFING. Flame would be so stoked with this tribute.

  • Mik

    Correction to above comment: Chokes me up, nowadays… and I hope it does for a long time.

  • Sean Davey

    Thanks guys. That was a beautiful look back over Andy’s life.

  • Perez

    Wow well worth the wait. We are putting this in print for sure.

  • Zach W.

    Great work.

  • Ken

    Beautiful! Thanks for sharing. Power, grace, speed & barrels! I cannot believe he is gone.

  • Jon Michael Rodgers


  • Chris

    I hope this will also be a printed piece. It’s beautiful.

  • Tupat

    Thanks Andy and all you guys at Surfing for sharing these memories. We will carry them on forever. Powerful emotions of a celebration of LIFE.

  • Nojive69

    Andy was the one guy who changed the way we looked at surfing. No one was ever again compared to Kelly once he came on the scene. He was a solid surfer. Power,Style,Grace,and a hunger to be the best. Well miss you brother…

  • James

    This is amazing. Good job and thank you for the look back into an awesome life. RIP AI

  • Laurel holm

    Absolutely amazing what an awesome tribute to an awesome soul!!

  • tanner

    Best thing ive seen on Andy. Perfect.

  • Frankie D

    Thanks Surfing Mag crew. That was beautiful and AI will be forever be a Hero and Raw Talent for many to look to for years to come. RIP A.I your life gave us so many amazing memories.

  • Kristin

    Beautifully done.
    If this becomes a printed piece, is there anyways to get a hold
    of it?

  • Jason Miller

    Thanks Kristin — We’re currently trying to figure out if and how to print this, and how to get it distributed. We’ll post something on the site once we get it settled. We’re really grateful you’re interested in it, and hope some others might be as well.

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  • Julie

    I’ve been surfing the web for a coffee table book on Andy! I would love a copy! A huge loss. My heart goes out to his family!

  • alex yepis


  • mandi

    To be missed till we meet again.

  • Kenny

    AMAZING!!!! Andy you will be missed!!!!

  • Napeahi

    Great job.Aloha’s,Haitchkas,OhCeeUm…


    Mic said it very well. RIP Andy. My heart goes out to Rob Pa, his family, Ira D. & those who new Andy and loved him.

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  • david carson

    ya gotta print this.
    really ,really well done.
    should be the actual cover,was hoping it was.
    enough black+white portrait cover stuff.

  • darrel niki nickerson

    Andy seriously kept it real….awesome tribute. He brought it all the time with no B.S.

  • alex yepis


  • Line Faber

    Has this been printed yet? Is there anyway of ordering it? I am from Denmark, so I’d need to get it here somehow. Any ideas?

    Also, merry christmas. My thoughts are with the Irons family and baby Andy for his first christmas.

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  • justino

    Andy will be with us forever, in our surfing and hart,thank you Andy…

  • Terry


  • Cy Bais

    We miss you Andy, you’ll be remembered.

  • Adil

    Rest in peace Andy…U will be with us forever…

  • Irie

    We love and miss you Andy mahalo for the memories kauai misses you brah