Best of Three: Kelly Wins Tahiti

posted by / Lightbox / October 11, 2011

Best of Three: Tahiti

More than once, the South Pacific has puzzled organizers of the Billabong Pro Tahiti. Instead of ghastly Teahupo’o caves there’s been a series of lacklustre waiting periods (and secretly relieved competitors) — but not this year. Even before the Top 34 began packing for their Air Tahiti flights there was buzz about a monster, a real Chopes swell, inching its way up the satellite screen. Two weeks away. One week.

Kelly Slater brought to Teahupo’o momentum from his US Open win just prior. Bruce Irons brought the memory of his brother, who won this event — Andy’s last — in 2010. The rest brought pintails and steel nerves as Tahiti truly, finally, lived up to its reputation in time for the contest.

What followed was far more memorable than any scores, ratings or prize money.


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  • Manu

    Hi every body’s :)
    my name is Manu i come from to tahiti, and i just saw my tow wave on the big day at Teahupoo. I was really surprise to see that and i’m super stoke :) thank you so much guys to made that. Because i’m looking since be long time now for a little sponsor, but i never had a publish pics in surf magazines before….
    I’m really happy now to see that and i just want ask if you guy’s can make for me a little copy of that picture only that wave (in a hight quality) please guys i’m gone make a wall papers in my room! because i leaved tahiti to come in france for school now and no surf for a little moment or probably december… So that’s why i really want if guy’s can do that for me for my birthday coming soon or i can pay you guys for that shot if it’s necessary… let me know please guys Mauruuru :)

  • 1FromTheCheapSeats

    Not as great as jimbos quik ny pro coverage but still damn good. The bar was photojournalistically raised with ny event ( and Lowers imagery ) by j. wilson, that is the bar you should attempt to leap over every time, not just limbo under as with this piece. All in all, ‘ing’s Lightbox photo features are the best web surfing imagery out there, keep ’em coming !

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