Best of Three: Owen Claims New York

posted by / Lightbox / October 11, 2011

Best of Three: New York

The airwaves were ablaze. “What kind of bullshit is Quiksilver trying to pull running a WT event in New York? “Clearly it’s not about the waves, it’s about the money.” “This contest is going to suck.” “Dream Tour my ass.” “The dream tour is over. It’s a fucking money-making tour for these companies.”

Well, let’s get one thing straight: They are a brand. A brand is technically a business and making money is a factor. Sure. But I’ve got a different take here. Quiksilver wasn’t just out for money. They spent enough in two weeks to nearly run themselves out of money (11 million +). They were out for surfing, and America, and the east coast of America, which throughout history has been looked down upon by self-righteous California surf industry dictators.

The fact that the East Coast has never had a World Tour event is a testament to that severe bias. Not even the once great Sebastian Inlet got play from the world’s best even though she more or less formed the best surfer ever.

The East Coast is very informed about these pedestal standing pricks from the west and nearly boiled over the top waiting to show what she was worthy. And show she did, peaking at the perfect time before passing out for a week.

Did Quiksilver get lucky? What are the chances they score like that again over the next two years? Has the bar set itself to high for this place?

Those are all legitimate concerns and we will see, but for now let’s just reflect on how rad a little change was in a suburb of the greatest city in the world: NYC. —Jimmicane


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  • D.J. Struntz

    i’d argue one of the best documented contests to go down! great job boys…sick photojournalism and action is thru the roof…yeewwwww!!!!

  • F8and_B_there

    i second that emotion, deej, A-mazing imagery, especially by jimbo.
    congrats to one of the best and brightest, most well ronded photogs in surfing right now.
    has been for awhile actually so a big, hearty fuck off to all the haters as you don’t know jack-shit if you think “jimmicane” isn’t a truly gifted shooter.
    textbook example of how to make photos of a surfing event and convey how the scene that went down to the reader in and out, of the water.

  • Tom K.

    Goodonya, Jimmicane! It takes an east coaster to show the east coast just right, yeww!!!

  • Ben

    that was one of the better things surfing mag has produced as of late. Truly entertaining beautiful photography and a great story with it (esp. the kerr/kelly drama) it doesn’t take an astronaut to see that webcasts don’t show all the details…so thanks for some info and a realistic take on this surfing world.

    …and Kelly has been getting really over scored no? a) owen should have taken trestles b) kelly should have lost to Freddy P in france c) Gabriel should have gotten the win the first time

    Kelly’s the only one who can do foam climbs and floaters and still get 8’s. Its unbelievable.

    Anyway great piece! :)

  • bill

    Amazing work. Surfing and Jimmicane blows everyone else away.