C’est La France, avec Tom Carey

posted by / Lightbox / March 18, 2011


“A lot has changed in Hossegor since the last time I dropped in.

It’s very tolerant now.

One good pointer is to tip the bartender a euro or two — he’ll remember you, and pour your beers first.

I hope that helps.”




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  • Lusk

    Nice, Tom.

  • nat

    photos are stellar

  • LEfrench

    Great photography work. But full of clichés, as usual. Wrong name (Damien Chaudoy), as usual. Topless french woman, as usual (at least, you haven’t photoshopped her !). Spain = France, as usual. And your translation software is not working that well either. You could have published that shit 20 years ago with mitigating circumstances, but we worked hard for your respect and we’re still a surfing third world country for you guys. Allez juste vous faire foutre.


  • America, fuck yeah

    Why do the French care so much about what Americans think about them? It comes off as whining.

  • johhny

    americaaaaaaaaaahhhhh fuck ya!!

  • Adrien

    Please guys, I don’t give a fuck about cliché but get urself a traductor. Or at least ask a 7 year old french children to take a look. Because half of the sentences are not french at all !
    If you don’t find anybody else, I can help. I’ll be pleased.