Children’s Stories From The 2010 Vans Triple Crown

posted by / Lightbox / January 14, 2011

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  • yeah guy

    Was it necessary it ruin such a great Lighbox with all
    those words? But then again…

  • sarah

    great stuff but we seen this on surfline like 4 weeks

  • Tre

    Anyone can put up a gallery like surfline in five minutes.
    This is art. Bravo guys. A different perspective to the same old
    reporting. Sarah, don’t paddle out.

  • Sir Seves of the Sea Alot

    Well Done Here Boys, I love these flipbooks. And Fuck Sarah, she’s obviously surflines demographic.

  • eastcoast balla

    the best surf website on the internet…you guys have really stepped your game up..lovin it

  • TP

    Sarah is actually Chad Towersey. Anyways great job gang sick photo’s.

  • Lusk

    Yea Foley!! Nicely done, guys.

  • Diogo Alpendre

    Great stuff guys. You’re website is my favourite among all of the surf related websites. Really good job with these lightboxes.

    Cool to se my portuguese fellow Tiago Pires in it too.

    Great stuff guys.

    Diogo Alpendre
    Online Editor for

  • Master P

    The art of storytellin. Not news, but not the point. These are photos and words that are well worth the wait. Well done, fellas.

  • A Fan

    when we going to see the A.I Lightbox go to print. Let’s do

  • dude

    Cane, way to bounce back from thievery.

  • Paul

    Yeah sick photos and story telling. It seems the surfing
    staff is not afraid to tell it how it is in a non-biased way and
    thats why its my favorite surf related site too.

  • sarah

    sarah will be at waimea tomorrow. I studied the Surfline
    feature on Waimea, I am ready. Again we seen this before on
    Surfline and every other website. If you wanted to cover something
    unique why not cover the fact that the only true north shore
    surfers dont get any love and still get the best waves of the
    winter no matter how money donkeys fly in and try to take something
    to make something. “North shore Underground” ? Not one person was
    from the north shore… demographic ? demographic ? demographic ?
    demographic ? demographic ? demographic ? demographic ? demographic
    ? ha ha the only demographic going on here is office space between
    SD and SF

  • Kaipo Gomes

    If you could get this into “print” you might have the best mag going for up to date competitive surfing. This is the best coverage out there for the Triple Crown. Great job. Transfer this to the magazine and show less of Kolohe, the 3 slobs and the skinny jeans crew and you’ll have a winner. Everyone in your coverage “DID” something to earn the coverage as opposed to earning nothing and getting a spread. Coverage should equal an accomplishment in the surfing world and with this Surfing nailed it! Great work.

  • Yoga girl

    That was random

  • African dance

    Wow, this gets popular fast!