Journey to Cloud 9

posted by / Lightbox / August 30, 2011

WHAT: A trip into the tropics with the queen and kings of Reef’s gypsy team.

WHERE: Cloud 9, the Philippines’ most valuable natural resource next to Manny Pacquiao. Cloud 9 is a short, hollow, predominately righthand reefbreak that in every way lives up to its name.

WHO: Alana Blanchard, Paul Fisher, Jay “Bottle” Thompson, Nick Rozsa and Thiago Camarão, with photos by Jimmicane and Russell Ord.

WHY: Really, why? Wow. Well, um… Here, maybe the photos will explain…


Cloud 9


And Now, see Cloud 9 come to life in Reef’s Salty Summers Episode 5.

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  •| Philippine Surfing

    thanks to the Reef team for visiting Siargao. glad to see they got shacked at Cloud 9.

  • Mika

    I can’t believe you took the ferry! There were other options you know :) But it seems like you all had an interesting experience nonetheless. Thank you for checking us out and we look forward to your next visit to our little paradise. :)

  • Baliandon

    Nice little sess!


    Thank you for visiting and feature our world class surf spot here in the Philippines! I see that you had so much fun and definitely had a pure stoking moments at cloud Nine…

  • Mic

    Great place was there in 1998. Lots of other waves in the area as well and yes can’t believe you took the ferry.

  • courtney


  • kourtney



    “Journey to Cloud 9″, i’m looking forward to have a copy of this issue.

  • saltlik