De Amor Y Arte, New Visions from the Old World

posted by / Lightbox / October 24, 2011


“Every once in a while someone’s photography comes along that is so heartfelt that all you want to do is share it with the rest of the world. Faces of surfers we do not recognize, waves on mars, landscapes of prehistoric earth. Welcome to Javi MuÑoZ and Sergio Villaba’s vision of surfing.”

–Peter Taras


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  • kenny hurtado

    Wow! Thanks for sharing this Pete, So inspiring!
    Some of the best surf imagery Iv seen in along time.

  • Declin

    I discovered Pacotwo on Inertia a while back and thought he was rad. awesome to see his work again! que bonita!

  • Jhon

    This is too good. These guys are legit. True vision of what’s going on. No bullshit.

  • D.J. Struntz

    amazing and inspiring stuff–thanks boys!!!

  • Mez

    Must have a been a bitch to edit this amazing take but a super fun bitch!
    Making pictures, not taking pictures …

  • Nick LaVecchia

    So nice to finally see a break from the norm. Thanks for pushing this through!

  • Your Daily Friend

    This is good stuff!!

  • kelly Slater

    Sometimes you learn from others in this case, we learn that when your running out of ideas you must search far to find something different. No one cares about California, Hawaii, East Coast anymore…The main source of imagery should be coming from Europe, asia, and Antarctica.

  • Good News All Ready Like You

    What an eye for the camera! Would love to see more art like this being posted on the site. Definitely a break from the norm.

  • rutgers

    better than all the other surf mags…
    you see … just pics that speak

  • yes

    those Faroe Islands shots might be the best ever run on a surfing website…

  • jon


  • carl


  • Darrel

    great stuff. hope you’re saving a few keepers for the mag feature.

  • bufu

    Agree with all previous comments. Simply beautiful! Being a surf junky I frequent many surf sites. Recently, I have seen nothing as inspiring and refreshing as this portfolio. After a long day of work….that was great.

  • danielo


  • Chalo

    La foto de la partida es la isla de la graciosa (Lanzarote) no?

  • Chalo

    de la portada me referia! gracias y un fuerte saludo!

  • zach

    Amazing photos excellent work!

  • la strapped and ready cuz

    this ain’t no hood stuff, dis legit bruh
    nigga come correct.

  • Morty

    Way more interesting than the pro tour rot.

  • Sergio&Pacotwo

    Thanks for the great feedback guys…anyway, we always have to improve!

  • Mark Eveleigh

    I’ve worked with Sergio in the past and have come across Javi’s work more than a few times. These guys absolutely rock! We will all be seeing a lot more of them…