Duncan Macfarlane Portfolio

posted by / Lightbox / January 24, 2012

Words and Photos by Duncan Macfarlane

duncan macfarlane

Introducing Duncan Macfarlane. Australian. 2011 Follow the Light winner. SURFING Magazine senior photographer. Uniter of old and new. Memory catcher.

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  • Sherm

    This is cutting edge shit people… How fresh it is to see a”surf photographer” with such a unique vision,and a understanding of photojournalism and art.I’m moved,and inspired.Good on ya Duncan..nice work…Sherm (a fan)

  • Mik

    Best photo essay from one guy, in years. Really captures to spirit of the place(s)….

  • Jim Shawneffer

    I wanna have a beer with Duncan….

  • Matt O’Brien

    That was fun. I feel like I went on a little journey. Good pick for the Flame Award.

  • RobbieO

    Ohhhhh shit yeah Dunc ! That’s so RAD , well deserved mate , love ya work , yewwwwwww!!!!!!

  • maki

    yeah man , holy shit , inspiring. full on wake up call. beers to you. thank you.

  • Dad


  • Butts

    As always duncan, sheer class from you!!
    Keep up the GREAT work buddy. :-)

  • Nick LaVecchia

    Great selection of some really solid work. Nice job Duncan!

  • Tori Ray

    This is bloody fantastic.