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posted by / Lightbox / December 20, 2011

Triple Crown of Surfing: Haleiwa and Sunset

Returning to the first two contests of the Vans Triple Crown

That’s Haleiwa and Sunset, ‘case you’d forgotten

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  • yep

    Cant wait for the pipe edition.

  • pol pot

    that Sean Cansdell sequence was confusing as fuck! Who edited this thing? all over the place

  • killyridols

    these Lightboxes are the best things Surfing has going for them right now. Perhaps you guys should consider firing the “editors” and just letting Taras and Jimmicane run this ship…

  • Mez

    $$$$$$$$$$$$ …..

  • page 8 & 9

    page 8 & 9 is not a image of morning.

  • page 8 & 9

    page 8 & 9 is not a picture of morning

  • ggg

    cuz i like getting my surf mags from two guys who have yet to complete a cutty, stick with taylor

  • Seamus

    These are the best features by far.

  • isurfcali

    do we get this in the mail?