Hurley Lowers Pro 2012 Flipbook

posted by / Lightbox / October 2, 2012

We all know by now. Kelly Slater won [again]. This is not news.

Life. Love. And the pursuit of being number one… 50 times

Hurley Lowers Pro 2012



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  • IsoscelesTriangle

    witness the basic blueprint for the future of print .
    agreed the amazing photography should be primary focus but when you going to creatively intergrate a couple key video clip / highlights into the mix to flesh it out across visual platforms?
    and – bonus – great seeing blurrys imagery on display again as well.


    I love this contest – seems like they always get swell and the level of surfing is just “surf video’ish” if thats even a word. i dont know but I know this contest if just plain fun to watch the level of surfing going on. It seems every year the bar gets raised here only to be crushed by Kelly.

  • Jimmy PacNW

    Great web-site… Hurley’s Lower 2012 ‘Flip Book’ — 5 Star…
    Keep up the Always GOOD Work . .