This Ride Never Ends Flipbook

posted by / Lightbox, Photos / October 22, 2013

The Globe team in Indonesia filming for Joe G’s Strange Rumblings

What a strange trip

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  • Chongo

    Photos taken with a dirty sensor, really takes away some of the magic.

  • Kaipo Gomes

    These Flipbooks are awesome. Have to ask ING what is with the Globe/Surfing advertorials every time they do an Ad shoot or Ad trip? Someone needs to tell them that we have seen the flapping dress shirt while you surf too many times already. Dion has worn that look for how many years and ING keeps running the photos. The beard?!….I didn’t know the Taliban look was in fashion these days. How does that work going thru customs? Can you say cavity search.

  • Kook

    Nice Flip Book just should of had your lensmen clean their sensors or maybe Jimmicane could of used photoshop on those dust spots all over the images….

  • Mik

    Great images…
    Great design…

    these SURFING flipbook essays are the best stuff in the surfing world.

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