Rip Curl Pro Search San Francisco: The City

posted by / Lightbox / November 17, 2011

Rip Curl Pro Search: The City


Somewhere in San Francisco

The warmest summer I ever spent was a fall in San Francisco.



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  • jacko

    Ya Sherm!

  • yep

    Very nice. I like the framing of the Burrow hack. The time-lapse opener is my favorite shot. The loc-dogs might get bummed on all the street names and shit, but who cares, what a presentation !

  • Randolph BarnBob

    Showing off our shit! Still though, most days you can find your own peak, no one out, and get amazing waves. Always am shocked at the fear people from so cal have of surfing our waves.

    Few errors, The first shot of pier 39 is actually pier 7, and the salumi thing is Boccalone.

  • Lusk

    Great work guys. Really enjoyed it.

  • Bob

    That was an excellent set of photos.

  • Frankie D

    Best views of “The City” by very talented photogs. Surfing Mag thank you for putting this together and what an amazing week.

  • Barry G

    You guys are awesome. Always worth the wait for these things. Now if I could just get one in print…

  • Blaster

    That Jordy backside air was MASSIVE! I know those ramps in that corner can deliver…

  • Vince Street

    Cool spread SURFING mag! The shots are great! Definitely reminds me of home!

  • Andrew

    the last photo of medina’s dad is amazing. puts the pressures of brazilian vs. US/australian surf culture into perspective.

  • Matt OBrien

    Hopefully Surfing will put out a Special Edition Stand Alone featuring all of this year’s WT events. Because each event has had a beautiful web compliment like this and they are truly cherish-able! I know I’d buy one or two (one for reading one for saving – it’s my thing). Can’t wait to see the Triple Crown edition…

  • yes

    please send Peter Taras to shoot more events like these more often… best human element complemented by natural framing ever seen on a surfing website…

  • Joe

    Gorgeous photos. I’m glad you didn’t call this: Rip Curl Pro Search : San Fran

  • Mik

    Sweet. Great event: the surf God’s smiled on OB for the event with rare conditions. One big omission though: no images of Green Day lighting up the Rip Curl party. That was epic!!! Many thanks to everyone involved. I surfed one evening with Kai Otton, and it was amazing how quick he figured out the Kelly’s line-up, and got sick, long barrels. Amazing talent.

  • So what?

    A very young brazzo won, twice in four attempts, if was a socal nicknamed brother the story would be so different… Wanna see next year a top seed smash socal choose one.

  • Yeah Right

    Yes, but will a Brazillian win two events that involve rocks underneath their feet? Medina is a huge threat, but is 17 and traveling with his dad. Still hasn’t had the time under his belt to make decisions that are tough on the tour, on his own…we’ll see! Next year should be ever more interesting!

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  • Ben

    Very nice photos. BTW, anybody who thinks the conditions for the comp are “rare” this time of year clearly doesn’t surf OB regularly… It can be way, way better than what you all saw.

  • Ed

    Is this available in print format?

  • fat

    Hi my family member! I wish to say that this article is awesome, great written and include approximately all significant infos. I?d like to see more posts like this .

  • esedani

    I’m thoroughly enjoying the discovery of the flipbooks..
    In this case, I happened to be in SF for the 10 days or so of world tour presence but with other motives.. Lucky me, I got to surf every day during that indian summer that hit Ocean Beach, and boy there were some very good days too!
    Very inspiring to be in the water with the worlds best touring surfers and sharing some great waves.

    My home base now is.. Toledo, Ohio but that’s another story and cool one too.. 😀

    But my boys have a quad and 4/3 suit stashed in the Mission for my next visit to Ocean Beach, Half Moon Bay and the Sonoma Coast..

    See you soon!