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Giving It Hell

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  • Milo

    Any 11 year old with a digital camera could take pictures like these…

  • mr. spin

    Yeah, any 12 year old too!

  • Milo

    13 year old, mmm, not so much…

  • Joey Stalin

    hooray for jimmicane and his crew of east coasters systematically taking over surfing magazine.

  • Jay

    Haha right coast never felt so good.

  • East

    Milo and mr.spin can go fuck themselves! Jimmicane is the man! and fuck yes to the RIGHT COAST taking over!!

  • Yewww

    Haha, 12 and 13 year olds can’t get into bars, so no they couldn’t take those pics.

  • 10X

    Look at all the west coast haters! Bitter much?

  • TWON

    HAHAHA seriously there were only 4 or 5 shots with guys who are actually from california…. haha there was only chris ward, chase wilson, tim reyes, and the shot of the unidentified guy on that newport bomb…. fukkkk no one from california goes to the east coast to get waves!!!!

  • TWON

    all im saying is why don’t you use pictures of people who actually surf regularly in california, not bitch pros who move here and think they are awesome

  • 10X

    All I’m saying is that everyone moved to California at some pointfor a reason. Just like your ancestors. In this situation it’s surfing. Welcome to evolution.

  • TWON

    oooo okay Darwin, thanks for the lesson in evolution!

  • Claude

    I agree that this pictorial is woefully short on Chumash Indians.

  • Meforeva

    Why just of people who surf regulary in California??
    There is great surf all around the world and they can go to california and think they are great of they have surfed it.
    I live in Ireland and buy the magazine like why not expand where the shots are taken??

  • 10X

    You’re welcome. Thanks for making Blue Crush 2 California movie studios! Way to not promote surfing. It’s so surprising that people are moving to California to surf.

  • A.J. Neste

    Frick Jimmbro, Loved it! The jerk thats talking crap is probably one of the douchebags that poached your shoot and back doored ya. Diggin the Zuma Closeout shot. See ya in the Dirty!

  • YeastCoast

    If the east coast was so awesome, you’d all be staying there & making it happen.

  • Derail

    Blake Jones? Oliver Kurtz? LOL. Why are these guys even sponsored? D-grade at best, kind of like Jimmicane’s photos.

  • Daktard

    Eye candy!
    East Vs West? really?

    Yeast Infection… Enjoy your desk job. See you next month.


  • Checky

    Great job Jim! Loved em all.

  • troll

    how bout some s d love? tamarack was pumping(jokejoke)

  • Thomas

    What with all the Westcoat haters? Don’t be jealous the the East Coast boys are dominating the surfing scene. Step it up or sit on the beach and learn.
    Keep up the good work Jimmicane

  • Angry

    Fuck there are some faggots in the World (I don’t literary mean homosexual – however in some cases I imagine it is distinctly applicable). I just dont understand the concept of sitting in your cave typing negative stuff – it doesn’t help you (karma is a fucking bitch), and it doesn’t help them (not they should give a fuck – but if you chuck 100, 1 will get through).

    I don’t know why, but people think that because they are anonymous they can suggest societies true flaws – pointing out that Oli Kurtz is D-grade, and Jimmicane is D-grade, Blake Jones is D-Grade – I dont give a shit if they are actually poor surfers/photographers, but they aren’t at all. You think you can hide behind anonymity? We still realise you are a dickhead mate, and although we dont know who you are, if we ever met you – we would still think you are a fucking idiot.

    Derail, mate, it is great to epitomise an entire society man! Congratulations, you actually embody the cunt lifestyle that is taking over the internet. You can sit there in your cave, chuck shit at surfers and photographers – because really, you are just fucking jealous. You cant surf, you cant take photos – and if you believe in evolution – it is great that you have accepted your fate, in a couple of years you will do the first useful thing you have ever done – disappear. Your mum will be proud.

  • Darren

    That “anonymous” argument is awesome, especially from a dude named “Angry.”

    Anyway, allow me to play along: My name is Darren Hutchinson, I live in Oceanside. My mom’s maiden name is McCarren. What else do you need? Phone number? SS#? Address? Anyway, I think Jimmicane is an untalented, starfucking tool and you sir are equal parts pointless, illiterate and laughable.

    And as for the “cunt lifstyle taking over the internet,” this is cearly your first day online. So you can stop pining for the imaginary good old days when message boards were the epicenter of positivity.

    chew on a wang.

  • Tyler

    Thatta boy Jimbo! #funnyphraseafterpoundsign!

  • TWON

    seriously tho i love surfing!!! got the best barrel today hahahahahha

  • TWON

    and does anyone know the girls on the cover? someone out there has to for sure!!!

  • Blake Jones

    Talk good about me, talk bad about me, atleast your talking about me

  • jay

    haters want a reaction hahaha We might want you wave consistency and women, but trust me we don’t want to be like you.

  • scotty Hammonds

    #teamgivinithell is all about Positivity and having a hell time… Pretty much what i have learned about negativity is that if your hating on people and hating on what there doing then you are straight up #jealous.. I can see why people would be jealous of this article, because they all got sick waves and had a fucking great time! So how bout the next time you see something that you are gonna hate on, instead of saying how gay it is, or how lame it is, just be honest with your self and the world and just say how #jealous your are.. Go on give it go!

  • jb

    Staggering the number of people who come to these forums just to show the world how utterly moronic they are.

  • james rocks

    Right on Scotty….LeBron loves haters, makes him hungrier for success….
    And, tells his critics to F%ck themselves….

  • Steve Shearer

    I thought the WolfPak beat people up?

    Girls looked pretty.

  • dirt

    who cares!!!! you guys are missing the point. BLUE CRUSH 2 comes out june 7

  • Daktard

    Chew on a Wang!

    Hahahahahha!! Epic!

  • jeff

    the good thing about having haters is you know youre doing something right!

    blake and oliver rip! and jimmys photos are epic… quit trying to justify your life by bringing other people down

  • Darren

    “the good thing about having haters is you know you’re doing something right!”

    Jason Mraz tells himself the same thing every night.

  • chris

    i just wanted to see the comment bout the chicks on the cover. but i guess you jock are too busy arguing about surfing. surfing is wack anyways. don’t you know.

  • Mez

    Show me a 11 year old who can take photos like these and I’ll sign him up.
    Nice work Jimbo, gave it fuken’ ‘ell indeed …

  • Black Dawg

    all i can say is one love, two love, three love your out.

  • throwspoop

    wow, this is the fucking epitome of the online media experience. Why does surfing and surfer suck so bad? Why do they completely miss the online experience? Who is running this shit?

  • The Fonz

    East Coast rips. Id like to put the hummer handles on those chicks to real use. They shoulda been naked.

  • Angry

    Fuck, you guys are all so fucking ethical.
    Get a fucking backbone – say something real. Cause so far, apart from a few, everyone is talking out of there arses

  • Claude

    Just read that Jimmicane “loves” all the “spiteful comments,” and am now torn. As a fan quality imagery and a good a laugh, I feel compelled to point out his shit pictures and hack jokes, however I do fear one of those silly, “that shit only motivates me more” responses that could potentially lead to a more prolific Jimmicane.

    Tough call, but for now, I’m sticking with you this: Jimmicane, based on what I’ve seen/read of your work, DO quit your day job.

  • foley

    ya jimmy, nice work buddy

  • Joey Stalin

    all im sayin is, if youre gunna bring fucking surfers/shoot spots like laguna and such, then you better call some local surfers and show a little gratitude you fat cunt.

  • Carson Krez

    Pretty sweet, but I can see why they didn’t make the cut for print…

  • HH

    Can’t these guys get shots on the East Coast? Oh that’s right the waves are always flat and the chicks are beat!

    Next time run some more local talent

  • fuck head

    The cover was good but i lost interest with the rest….. time to go jack off

  • The Fonz

    @ HH, Keep thinkn that. And be sure to tell all your friends too. See you at your local break when we come out to tear up your spot and fuck your girlfriend

  • zach

    You guys shouldn’t be talking shit. After all, all of these guys in here surf waaaaay better than you ever will, and Jimmicane takes better photos than you ever will. :)

  • HH

    To: Fonz

    Come down to the creek “my local spot” u cunt!! Come with all the little photo sluts you want. Myself and plenty of the boys will happy to burn you and break your fking camera!

  • The Fonz

    I left my camera in your moms room when we filmed that gangbang scene. You obviously dont have any girl since its just you and the boys…”Myself and plenty of the boys”(said with a lisp no doubt)… hate to break your heart there gimp but Im not into that stuff. As far as “burning” goes….your not burning anyone cept maybe your palms from wankin it too much with your boys. Ive lived on both coast and seems like the west coast kids still like to bitch and moan and dont have a sense humor. Just keep thinkn the East Coast doesnt get surf thats all I really care about. I like my line ups the way they are. Lightn up little man, maybe you might enjoy things for a change.

  • ari bowo

    sasa sangat suka surfing,,,,nad saya pecinta surfing

  • payson

    yeah jimmy sick layout and shots.

  • HH

    Im sure you like your line ups empty and shitty, but dont come crowd the west coast up. Stay at home you fking TRANSPLANT!!!