The Boat Trip

posted by / Lightbox / June 22, 2011

The Boat Trip

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  • mr. spin

    Wow! Job well done! Keep the shit coming!

  • E. Hemingway

    Great pics! Is that the right Timmy Turner filmed?

  • NM

    Epic flipbook, guys. Great shots by Nate, hard-charging by all the boys and a gorgeously simple presentation. And of course, great waves. Sick one.

  • Dr. La Jolla

    Great work!

  • Bob

    I really enjoyed this.

  • Earl of Sandwich

    Don’t you folks have the technology to Photoshop out those ubiquitous yellow SPL waterhousings that now litter every sexy wave face in the world? It’s a god damn world wide epidemic I tell you!!!

  • John

    Nate always does a good job with the story and photos

  • Black Dawg

    how does nate shoot from the boat when he is in the water ? danien seq…double angle ?

    lokks like pete and nate getting up in age ? you wont find them anywhere near real waves, that wave is a perfect reef…like fishing out of a barrel…

  • Sean Davey

    Nice fella’s. This is what surf mags used to look like without all the crappy buyers guides. Well done!

  • mic

    Wow incredable photos great article, glad Dede and crew sat on that break for three days although some guys I spoke to in the water were a bit up tight about O WELL :) Say what you will I was there and Nate was getting barreled off his barrel chest at Napalms, I think Napalms is a real wave don’t you? Agreed it isn’t wave the other two big name spots are but, it still smokes on its day. It was so fricken purfict even I got in a few. The other rights were reeling as well so there was plenty to go around. Great Crew everybody qing up like circel K for waves,The Bali boys were real cool it was pretty sick.
    One thing though the place is super, super fickel and a hell trip to get to your timing better be spot on! If ya wanna come and you have a greddy streak or bad attatude make sure and leave it at home! Ps Leo I got your e mail I’ve been super busy I do have some pictures of you and Nate at Napalms I will send them this weekend. Lot’s of swell on the way enjoy see you here there or Bali soon!

  • Nate Lawrence

    Leo shoots from the boat (that’s how there’s 2 angles), writes the stories, surfs the waves. Pretty crappy job….

  • Docturbo

    Hey Mic, boys yep we was there too, damn good shooting, and glad you all enjoyed Apocolypse, I will keep my base in Napalms, and occasional Illusions.

    Hope you boys enjoyed the layover in Jakarta.


  • Albert

    Wow, awesome article and epic shots!! Great job guys!!