Wanna Go Back to Our Little Glass Shacks

posted by / Lightbox / April 13, 2011

Memories of our winter in Hawaii

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  • Mik

    visionarianism. on the next level. stunning. best online surf mag in the world. used to be Surfing World, oz, print… but your work is so superior. the new bar is very very high.

  • Niko

    I guess it’s just Hawaii-Issue Syndrome, but most of these images felt like I’d seen ’em before.

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  • ecto

    where’s a superman air?
    if you aren’t doing supermans, you’re a nobody.
    get two hands on the wheels and lay down the capes

  • Sam

    It’s just not the same when you have Florida and California people telling a Hawaiian story…

  • mr. spin

    pretty fu*king sick! Bummer you can’t print more..

  • KIMO

    Jesus. On the second look of the cover shot, you yet again have framed a new jack hipster in the foreground. As said before in other posts, it’s a damn world wide epidemic…..I also agree with Sam that it’s lame when you don’t employ Hawaiian photographers to tell a Hawaiian story……

  • johhny

    hipster where?