Summer on the South Coast of NSW, Australia can be a boring time for big-wave surfers; onshore trade-winds and sloppy 1ft wind swells are hardly the stuff of legends. For the many that can't afford a ticket to Hawaii, there is little to look forward to.

By late February anything above 2ft starts to get you excited and the prospect of a few hour trip down the coast to surf a small but intense wedge-slab, has you foaming at the mouth. You'll leave whenever, eat whatever and sleep wherever you have to, just to get that split second in the barrel.

Our strike-mission looked a little something like that; Ben Serrano, Scott Dennis and Russell Bierke chasing that urge, all the way down to the Victoria border.

When we arrived at the wave, we realised it was a little ambitious to attempt to ride. On a bodyboard maybe it would be doable, but the boys knew they weren't going to have much luck standing up. 4-6ft and shallower than a shower, with a whole lot side-wash mayhem going on - in mid-winter this kind of thing wouldn't have been appealing. Nonetheless, it's the end of Summer and everyone was keen to try and end the dry spell - so try they did-Leroy Bellet

All Video by Dylan Henry

Russel Bierke. Photo Leroy Bellet

Photo: Steve Wall