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Nick Rozsa, a man of business.

Nick Rozsa, a man of business.

"I never thought I’d be riding a board like this. It’s a stringerless EPS epoxy with carbon rails — really different — all I’ve ever ridden is standard PUs."

"I never thought I’d be riding a board like this. It’s a stringerless EPS epoxy with carbon rails — really different — all I’ve ever ridden is standard PUs."

And here’s why all of this matters. Revisit Nick’s videos here.

And here’s why all of this matters. Revisit Nick’s videos here.

All Photos: Seth de Roulet

Nick Rozsa
Age: 26
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 175 lbs

His Surfboard
Dimensions: 5’7” x 19” x 2 1/4”
Shaper: Todd Proctor
Model: Da Monsta

For most, when a perfect surfboard enters our lives, we call that board magic. Well, Ventura’s Nick Rozsa calls that bullshit. Like the illusionist on stage sawing a beautiful woman in half, there’s always another factor at play. A mirror here. Some sleight of hand there. And in the case of the “magic” surfboard, Nick claims that x-factor is probably you. Still, with or without the incomprehensible abracadabra, he sure does like Da Monsta.

NICK: This board isn’t magic, because no board is magic. I don’t like to throw that word around with boards. Magic is more of a mental state. It’s more your motivation, your physical fitness and your mentality. I’ve had some really good boards, and Da Monsta is one of them, but it’s the surfer that makes the board magic.

I never thought I’d be riding a board like this. It’s a stringerless EPS epoxy with carbon rails — really different — all I’ve ever ridden is standard PUs. I normally ride a 5’10” so at first I was like, “I’m not going to ride a board that’s 3 inches smaller than what I normally ride.” But then I did and I was hooked. It’s my favorite board.

The stringer is replaced by the carbon rails, which hold the integrity of the board and keep it from being too flimsy. It has enough flex to really warp to the wave but it doesn’t overflex to the point where it feels like if you push too hard it will turn into a piece of rubber or something.

I’ve ridden it in ankle-high slop and it works well because of the extra thickness and flat rocker. It’s got push. But I’ve also paddled into some good-sized waves on it, waves that I wouldn’t normally surf on a board that small. I’d say probably the happy medium would be somewhere between shoulder-high and a few feet overhead.

The best thing about Todd is that he shapes using his riders’ input, which I think is one of the most important qualities in a shaper. I give him my thoughts here and there, but I let him do most of the fine-tuning. Da Monsta is his design, top to bottom. I didn’t have much say. It’s nice; when Todd makes me a board, it looks and feels exactly how I want a surfboard to look and feel, so I don’t worry too much beyond that.

Interview by Mike Misselwitz

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  • Leosurf1

    cool perspective. the surfer is the most important board in their quiver. cuz the best board ever will not perform if the surfer is out of shape.

  • 805Local

    Cool article, I have this exact board, it does not make me surf like Nick Rozsa, haha, but I will say Todd has something going here with this one. One of the best boards I have ever owned.

  • Ben Gravy

    guys a legend!

  • Chris Bruynzeel

    Nick’s a great surfer…proctor boards are awesome…better–the interaction with Todd & Charissa as they spend time with each surfer (no matter the skill level!)…and…the quality of the boards is amazing…can’t say enough about Proctor Surf!

  • Ricky Schaffer

    I am always working on improving my surfing through training, eating properly and right living. All this is important but without a board that works properly…I hit a frustrating plateau. It wasn’t until I started riding Todd’s boards that I able to make that breakthrough that seemingly impossible barrier. Now after establishing a relationship, my boards (surfing and quality of life) keep getting better. My boards are finely tuned to my surfing. His boards are the difference between a Ferrari and a Ford Taurus. He makes me MAGIC boards that gives my surfing a renewed vigor and freedom to explore new territory on and off the wave face and allows me to improve at a measurable rate. This to me is huge. Surfing is a BIG part of my life and without GREAT boards its suffers. I have realizied how important boards are. I am so thankful to Todd and Charissa! When I see WCT surfers getting 20 boards at a time and srcambling through the batch to find one magic board I see how blessed I truly am. Thanks be to Todd for walking in the calling he was created to walk in. Thanks be to God for creating Todd to walk in in that calling…


    Let me start off by saying that Todd Proctor’s boards are by far the best boards I have ever stepped foot on. I feel that my words were a little misconstrued during this interview and a lot of the finer details were left out. So with that said let me explain what I meant by, “No boards are magic.” When someone uses the term “MAGIC” for a surfboard it usually means that the board that they are riding is SUPERIOR to anything they have been riding in their current quiver. There are boards that work good, really good, and are just too good to be put into words which in this case majority of people like to use the word MAGIC! In my case, each and every surfboard I receive from Todd can easily or potentially be a MAGIC (or in other words amazing, superior, best board) board in my quiver. But! A lot of this MAGIC comes from within. Being healthy mentally, physically and having a good mindset can make all the difference in making that really good board into a MAGIC (or superior, amazing, or best board) in your quiver. Have you ever had a board that you thought was MAGIC, and then one day its not working like MAGIC anymore? Well that X-FACTOR is most likely you! Whether its your mindset, the waves, your physical health or whatever…the surfboard never changed and it is still a really good board, superior board, amazing board (or in other WORDS….***drum roll***….MAGIC). It is your mindset and your physical ability to make that board work the way you want it to. The surfboards that Todd creates are all potentially MAGIC (or superior, amazing, favorite) boards but I feel that without a good mindset and a healthy body you are limiting yourself to tap into the full capabilities and performance (or MAGIC whichever word you may prefer) of any board for that matter. So with that said every board I receive from Todd is by far the best boards I have ever ridden, looked at, or placed my human feet on. If you are looking for surfboards that contain MAGICAL attributes and the potential to take your surfing to another level PROCTORS are where its at.

    P.S. Dont worry if you break your MAGIC proctor, Todd can duplicate MAGIC boards better then any other shaper out there.