Cover Drop: May 2013 Issue Cover

posted by / Magazine / March 5, 2013

May Issue Cover Drop. Can you guess who?

Loud & clear. Like it or love it, this is surfing today

Can you, guess who?


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14 Responses to “Cover Drop: May 2013 Issue Cover”

  1. David says:


  2. jeff says:

    tyler wright

  3. gabe says:

    luke davis

  4. mike says:


  5. Spencer Suitt says:

    it should be Nils Schweizer

  6. t-bo says:

    laurie towner

  7. Andrew says:

    Michael Jackson

  8. plump blumpkin says:


  9. Coco says:

    Joel parkinson

  10. John says:

    Tyler wright for sure braaaa!!

  11. Tupat says:

    I like Spencer Suitt’s comment. hahahahahaha Should be, or Maybe it is….

  12. Nick Carroll says:

    that’s two really beautiful covers in a row boys, nice.

  13. bro says:


  14. Moke 808 says:

    Surfing magazine picks some good covers! Surfer magazine on the other hand……not so much!

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