Cover Drop: November 2012 Issue Cover

posted by / Magazine / September 3, 2012

Cover Drop: November 2012 Issue Cover


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19 Responses to “Cover Drop: November 2012 Issue Cover”

  1. Bunton says:


  2. zach says:

    julian wilson

  3. bob says:

    yep, first guess and zach is right, its julian for sure

  4. joel says:

    chippa wilson

  5. deerdee says:

    dane reynolds

  6. Cali cool says:

    ^him or Jordy

  7. Nic says:

    Chippa Wilson

  8. joooshbag says:

    john john

  9. bruce says:

    “julian and Jordy bull in reunion” the headline reads. you can see a JW fcs fin. Julian for sure

  10. joooshbag says:


  11. old dude says:

    Who cares? He should be in the tube or slashing a cutback. This ain’t skateboarding.

  12. Wanker says:

    Jules doing a massive slob.. in reunion.. show us footage

  13. John says:

    John and John

  14. Mauo says:

    John John

  15. Ryan Miller says:

    I want to play and I like!

  16. your mom says:


  17. kaypop says:

    julian wilson <3

  18. Stuart says:

    Josh Kerr

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