Cover Drop: September 2012 Issue Cover

posted by / Magazine / July 6, 2012

Cover Drop: September 2012 Issue Cover

Our Do it Yourself issue hits newsstands in the next week or so. In the meantime…

Can you guess who stands tall on our cover?

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16 Responses to “Cover Drop: September 2012 Issue Cover”

  1. owen says:

    john john tahiti

  2. tyler says:


  3. Cale says:


  4. darren says:


  5. Mike Anderson says:

    I hope it’s Lee Wilson at Apolicyps, kid is surfing unreal. It would be nice to see him a cover, not to mention with all due respect, buy Kelly Kelly John John John John Kelly Kelly “YAWN”

  6. Mike Anderson says:

    That’s get a cover, gezzzz…..

  7. andy says:


  8. gabriel hulgich says:

    its john john florence in tahiti en of april begining of may this year

  9. albee says:


  10. Archy says:


  11. Wyatt says:

    The unmistakable tube stance of Jim Hogan.

  12. thibault says:

    jeremy flores, tahiti

  13. groovy bro says:

    kelly slater at tavi rights

  14. Ben says:

    There is a very similar shot of Jeremy Flores in Tahiti.

  15. Bryan says:

    Dylan Graves, Backdoor PR

  16. ryan vick says:

    what the hell is the answer?

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