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February Issue 2011 Surfing MagazineA FEW MONTHS AGO ANDY IRONS WAS ON THE COVER OF THIS VERY MAGAZINE THRASHING OUT ONE OF HIS PATENTED FOREHAND CARVES [OCT 2010] . It was the most feel-good cover we’ve ever had the pleasure to send you. The timing of it. The turn. The moment. It was all really powerful to our staff and it’s what led to me having the opportunity to meet Andy a few weeks later at the cover launch party for that issue.

The moment we got the image, the office was buzzing. “How sick is that Andy turn?” “So sick!” we all agreed over and over. It wasn’t even a question. Put it on the cover. We hit play on our favorite Andy sections at the office all month — everything from Raw Irons to his latest part in High Five and everything he did in between. Momentum: UTI. Campaign. 5’5” x 19 1/4”. The Blueprint. Still Filthy. Trilogy. Blue Horizon. It was the most fired up we’ve been in a long time. On surfing. On magazines. On video parts. On life, really.

We faced something very different this month. After sending this issue to print, we were hit with the saddest news the surf world has ever dealt with: We lost Andy Irons. It was devastating, surreal and sad. It was not news we wanted to deliver. We’ve had too much fun with Andy, enjoyed too many incredible moments to lay that on you. So our first instinct was to start remembering. We poured through our photo and video vaults and what came back was a flood of moments that have come to define us all.

He surfed with moxie; he surfed like Charlie Parker playing sax with Guns N’ Roses, just overflowing with spontaneity and energy and power.

I remember how he always made it so easy to get excited. His surfing was so emotional and passionate you couldn’t help but feel psyched when you watched him. He surfed with moxie; he surfed like Charlie Parker playing sax with Guns N’ Roses, just overflowing with spontaneity and energy and power. I always loved his forehand grab-rail reverses, and the way he used his front foot to navigate; how he’d flow and link turns together and how he’d hold his arms and say what he felt as opposed to just muttering another mundane sound bite. Remember when he said he wanted to crush Kelly’s pretty picture? Passion! He just couldn’t help himself. Much the same way I can’t help but remind everyone I know of all the seemingly minute details about why he was my favorite surfer. I’ll always love him for that. It’s funny how the nitty-gritty details of style and approach can fascinate us as surfers, but Andy is one of the reasons why. He had the ability to leave an impression that would stick with you. His enthusiasm for surfing and life was visible on every wave he rode and in every word he uttered.

This is our Movie Issue. A look forward to some surf films you’ll be seeing over the next year. But as you may know by now, we were able to do a last-minute-run of commemorative covers dedicated to Andy (which you’ll find on newsstands). For it we chose another timeless A.I. moment from our archive and hope you’ll add it to your shrine. It’s one of thousands on file, but one we feel captures Andy’s zest for life and surfing. It was shot during what is widely considered one of his most inspired sessions of all time, one you can see in Chris Malloy’s film, One Track Mind. So with this being our Movie Issue, and as we all mourn for our fallen hero, we hope you’ve all had a chance to settle in and remember your own favorite Andy moments. And while it’s tragic to think we don’t have him here anymore, he has left us with a vault of memories and inspiration that will keep him more than immortal to surfers around the world until the end of time. Thank you Andy, for everything. We miss you so much. —Travis Ferré

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  • Jeff

    CHIPPA is amazing, but the clip you posted for the trailer SUCKS my SACK…. FAIL. Wardo clip makes up for it though… Cheers.

  • Bob Druary

    I have never commented on a site like this but I am copelled to do so here. I am a 54 year old surfer that lives in Irvine Ca. I started surfing in the 70’s. My heros were not football or baseball players they were Gerry Lopez, Rory Russel, BK, Jeff Hackmak, Rabbit, Shuan Tompson, etc. I taught my kids and all their friends to surf. We would go every weekend from the time they were little. Almost all vacations involved surfing. When I heard that Andy Irons had passed I was really hit by it. So why would a 50 year old out of shape has been really feel this loss? I know its cliche but the surf world is really so small. Which is why I am sharing this story I was in Kauai in the summer of 2004 or 2005 not sure exactly. I do know Andy Irons was the World Champ at the time. An unusual swell hit the north shore of Kauai in August and I happend to be at Pinetrees with my family. The surf was head high plus really good. Other than the surfers in the water we were pretty much the only people on the beach we were just going to surf for a while and hang out. My son was 11 or 12 at the time and spotted the board first with all the sponsorship stickers and then the signature black and white plad Billabong trunks running across the beach toward the water. It was Andy Irons running right by on his way to the water. (My son and I went out and bought those trunks the next day still have them.) My son was beyond stoked. He idolized Andy Irons, still does. He is 20 years old now and was in Kauai when Andy passed he called to tell me the news. He was devistated. The only thing I can really compare it to was how I felt when I heard John Lennon had died. Anyway back to the story My son got to paddel out that day and hang out in the water with his hero for a few hours even caught a few waves. He was so excited he stayed in the water until Andy got out. We got to sit on the beach by ourselves and watch Andy Irons put on a clinic. No big camera lenses around no crowds just Andy Irons and a bunch of other guys out in head high surf in the afternoon ripping it up with the Druary family sitting on the beach. It is one of my favorite life moments. Still have the photos we took that day. My son and daughter still talk about it. We surf at Trestles alot so seeing the pros out in the water is pretty common but us regular dudes don’t end up in the water with guys like Andy Irons often. Some would think this is kind of silly but anyone who surfs knows how cool this was for me and my kids. Andy Irons never even knew we were there or that he had any impact on these folks from California that just happend to be lucky enough to be in a right spot at a right time. My guess is that there are a million stories out there just like mine people saying yea remember when we saw him or meet him etc. He will be greatly missed by the surfing community and I am sure by the people like you guys that were lucky enough to hang out with him. We got to for one afternoon.


  • johnnyjits808

    Is this magazine ran by ozzies or something? you guys dont put anbody but the modern collective guys in your mag, i’ve been hearing alot of negative thoughts on how your mag has been run! for the last year or so you guys have gone down hill !!!!! i always vouched for SURFING and now i feel like an A hole! your editor is either australian or a little EMO Donkey like all the guys from modern C… there is other surfers in this world other than DUSTY, DANE, JORDY, MITCH, CHIPPA, JULIAN, CRAIG!!!!

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  • alex yepis

    I felt i was being force fed by the trailer of the feb. issue until Andy’s Silent Shot’s came on!THAT WAS POWER AND BEAUTY !!. all these other guys seeking fame on perfect waves or two foot surf doesnt even come close.your article was perfect too bad its too late…..ONLY ONCE IN A LIFETIME we will never witness a place in time like the past decade again. right now no-one comes close not even parko.

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  • sam

    haha – LOL and the deletion. Eventually EVERYONE will figure it out though.

  • olavo

    Beautiful tribute to Andy Irons. Congratulations on your

  • Boosy

    Surfing with and watching the pro’s got me so amped i managed to score this one the day after they left. This is my 2cents worth http://magicseaweed.com/video/flvplayer.php?id=2807