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posted by / Magazine / February 9, 2013


“It was so emotional, it was almost like an out-of-body experience. Having finished second four times before, I was definitely thinking I might have one of those days again. I hate to even think what that might have done to me: surfing’s biggest bridesmaid. But that’s the path I was meant to take. If the title had fallen into my lap early on, it wouldn’t have felt as sweet to finally win this one. This was my journey.” —Joel Parkinson. Photo: Sherman

koa smith

Puddle-jumper Koa Smith has been coming to the North Shore from his home island of Kauai for nine years. A few days shy of his 18th birthday, Koa leans on experience at Backdoor. Photo: Flindt

kelly at pipe

Kelly Slater claims his first trip to the North Shore was “probably the best of [his] life.” Kelly at Pipe, shot through a cannon of nostalgia. Photo: Mike Killion

stephen kohene

The first time you see the reef at Log Cabins, you’ll likely scare yourself on up to Rocky Point. But for veterans like Stephen Koehne, it’s the barrel — not the bottom — that dictates where they surf. Photo: Corey Wilson


Bruno Santos, one last wave. Photo: Duncan Macfarlane

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